«On bezrybe cancer and fish» — so says the proverb. In fact, this can not quite agree, because this saying is crayfish as beneath or unworthy. In other words, if you are not able to catch a fish, then just rejoice cancers. Of course catching arthropods in contrast to fish is slightly different, but it has its charms. You can imagine the picture, when a warm summer evening on the river trail slight mist, nostrils tickles light smoke from the fire and into your modest fishing table served with fresh boiled crawfish, and even a cold beer.

Based on this we can safely say that crayfishing is no worse than fish, and sometimes even better. But this is the final part of fishing. But the process also requires preparation. It should be set to choose the place for fishing and only after, you can expect a good catch. Habitat is flowing, and most importantly clean water. In dirty water crabs will not live. Cancers are very fond of the solid bottom, especially rocky, since they are an easy place to hide. There are also crayfish burrows in which they live crayfish themselves holes a very small one to one as the size of the tenant. Crayfish usually live by themselves. Day cancers are in the hole, and night moves. There are several types of gear for catching crustaceans. Will not consider poaching gear such as a jail, except they have other needs attention. If fishing happens at night, you definitely need a good lantern, whose light has a narrow beam, punching the water, reflected in it as in a mirror. Also a landing net on a long handle, as expected cancers in shallow water is not necessary.

In catching arthropods are used, the so-called rods. The principle of their action like this, at a small distance from each other arranged rods, the end of which binds the bait, the hook is not used, it is of course a disadvantage, since the cancer may get rid of me. Successfully applied racing, it consists of a mesh stretched on a cylindrical frame, it is bait. The principle of action is very simple cancer clings to the mesh and cannot escape. Pull out the tackle you need to quickly, as it is likely to miss the catch. For best effect we suggest to apply several raceway. But the most versatile is the crayfish network, its essence is simple, raki get inside and out can no longer.

There are different forms mostly they resemble the shape of a jug covered with mesh, the inside clings to the bait, so to get it was only possible once inside. The main advantage of this tackle is that it is not necessary to check in often, there can get a few crayfish to escape from there is impossible. Putting a few of gear you can count on a good catch, provided that they will be in proper places. As bait you can use small pieces of raw fish. All successful catch.


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