Correctly selected scaffold — the key to successful fishing

If you want to catch a lot of fish and return to your home with a huge catch, you need to choose the right fishing line. Every year there are more and more varieties of woods, so choose it difficult. So you need to know all types of woods and their properties.

Why the need for a fishing line?

It is designed to bind the bait and the rod. Fishing is constantly evolving and the line improved. Previously, it produced from flax and silk, and now the line is made from synthetic materials. Because of this this fishing accessory is so diverse.

The types of woods

The gradation structure is a common classification of fishing line:

Fishing line manufactured of nylon, is called mono-fibre. In various manufacturing techniques, it acquires different properties.

Lots of fiber is another type of fishing line. It is also called braid or braided. It is important to note that not all multi fiber braided fishing line is. There are two classes of a fiber scaffold: intertwined thin wires and cord, which is worn sheath of braided part.

There is still fishing line that is made from flurocarbon. This line has the peculiarity of it is not visible under water.

Each type of fishing line has its pros and cons.

Advantages of mono fishing line:

  1. Low cost.
  2. It is very sturdy.
  3. Huge range.
  4. She gets confused when casting, as it is elastic.

Mono fishing line also there are also disadvantages. She stretched in the water. The angler should always feel the lure, and with this line it is unlikely anything will.

Braid is often used for jig fishing.

Advantages braided fishing line:

  • Does not stretch — the main feature of this line. She is very sensitive to the bait that appeals to many anglers in this line.
  • It is very sturdy. Braided line can withstand the weight of which exceeds the allowable two times.
  • Despite the fact that this type of scaffold best among other types, it also has its disadvantages:
  • Very much confused. Of course there are many different ways to solve this problem, but they still will not be able to cope with it.
  • It is very expensive.
  • Visible in the water.
  • It could easily cut your hand.
  • Fishing line from flurocarbon use for rods, and other snap-ins. The advantages of this scaffold is that it is not visible in the water and the fish was not a premonition of danger. Because of this fish attacking the bait.

Cons fluorocarbonates fishing line:

  • High cost.
  • It does not withstand heavy loads. The same mono fishing line stronger than her twice.
  • Bad elasticity.

What are the characteristics of the line need to know when buying a fishing line in store:

Easier to control the fishing line, which has a smaller diameter, but mono fishing line thus easier to stretch.

Fishing line in the water can cling to the stones, throwing of rings. So you need to choose resistant to damage fishing line. The thicker, the less erased and damaged.

You also need to consider the opacity and the color of the line. You need to find the line in the color of the water.

Another important characteristic is the rigidity. The tougher the fishing thread, the more difficult it is to manage.

Experienced fishermen know the numbers and letters on the packaging, you cannot believe you need to buy fishing line from trusted manufacturers. Of course, branded fishing line is more expensive, but there is a saying: «avaricious pays twice».

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