Correctly organise hunting of wild boar from the tower and corral

Boar (boar wild boar or wild pig) is a very large animal, which is a prized trophy for many hunters. Hunting boar is accompanied by great risk because the adult has huge fangs and aggressive, may attack the hunters.

The main hunting methods for wild boar hunting from a tower, corral, hunting with dogs and hunting with the approach. The most popular are hunting rigs and method of the law we are considering.

Hunting from a tower is very common and safe form of hunting wild boar. Usually this option is available hunting in hunting farms and grounds. The basic requirements are that the tower must be set in advance and feeding of boars is carried out all year round, not only in the hunting season. The animal is very sensitive and shy, he needs to get used to the lure and rig. The tower cloaked in the roof of the trees in the distance accurate shots from the feeder. The constant feeding of the beast (for example, an automatic feeder) will result in the presence of wild boars on your land. For feeders optimally corn and potatoes. When you select a tower for hunting (if several), consider the wind direction, as the boar quickly and at long range visible to the human smell. But if the hunting area and human presence is constant, photographing, observing, to smell the animal reacts calmer, ensuring the success of the next hunt in the area. When hunting for wild boar in the towers do not rush, if in favor of many individuals, the highest will appear at the trough of the latter. At night you must use lights or night vision devices. Hunting from a tower requires a mandatory extensive training, installation of new towers will only scare the animal and make hunting ineffective.

The second most popular, though more dangerous method of hunting wild boar hunting by a shelter. The danger is that the aggressive wild boar can easily rush to the beaters. The principle of this embodiment, the hunting is part of the hunters (beaters) drive the beast into an ambush, where the second part — hands fire at the cornered beast. A detachment of the beast, you must run quietly and evenly, light footsteps, the smell of a person talking, a light tapping and crackling branches, the absence of threat will lead the boar away from the beater. Loud and aggressive noise, on the contrary will give the boar a reason to attack the approaching man. Arrows should be in the ambush, arranged by rooms. Position shooters should be well camouflaged in the foliage and trees.

Best of all, next to it was an obstacle or a tree, the shooter can hide behind him when in danger. In the implementation of the pen some shooters are put on the boar trail, in case the beast returned. The shot is made vskidku shoot optimally to the shoulder blade, at a right angle. Slaughter places the boar’s heart (the shoulder blade), neck (spine), brain (behind the ear) and light. It is necessary to shoot precisely, only where it is clear the boar. Extremely rare boar could kill with one shot, this is a very strong and persistent animal. Hunting for wild boar it is optimal to use a shotgun 12 gauge and rifle caliber 7.62 mm. As ammunition used bullets and buckshot. After the label hit no need to run to the wild boar, aggressive, even a live boar may attack and inflict dangerous injuries to the hunter. You should verify that the animal is really killed (wait time).

So, to hunt wild boar can be different methods, each of them has its own degree of risk and the requirements for necessary training. Which one to choose, you decide, but without risk and danger there is no real hunt.

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