Corn for bait and fishing with corn

Corn fishermen appreciated for a long time and today have used it as bait. This product is always available and very attractive for a «peaceful» species of fish. Popular corn was also due to the ease of preparation, and whether it will be used as part of bait or as a separate attachment. It is capable of quite a long time to maintain freshness and taste, is odor resistant, holds well on the hook.

Corn is interesting not only for carp, bream and roach, her bright color sometimes provokes a strike, even predators – pike, perch and Zander. This happens rarely, but it is still catching fish, albeit random. Experiments with corn can lead to better results. Simply put, with this nozzle (or component feeding), you can achieve considerable success in catching some fish.

Corn grain for the nozzle

There are different ways of preparing corn for inserting the hook. They do not differ much, except wasted time. Experienced fishermen claim that the preparation method does not affect the result of fishing, that is, the catch. The main thing – to achieve the desired softness of the bean and still maintain their taste. In addition you need to provide a finished lure proper storage conditions.

It is not recommended to cook corn in an old rusty pans that usually distinguish economical Housewives to their husbands-fishermen. For best suited cooking utensils made of stainless steel or enameled simple.

Many enjoy the process of cooking, believing it to be spectacular, but it lasts up to a point. Should only once to try to catch up on canned corn, and priorities immediately change. And all because of corn from the jar with a sweet flavor – a worthy competitor to its predecessor. She’s efficient, plus eliminates the need to prepare for fishing while standing over the kitchen stove. The time saved can be spent on the preparation of favorite gear.

Fishing with corn

Depending on the object of fishing. this nozzle is used in different ways. Consider a few options.

• IDE. For catching IDE it is recommended to choose the smallest grain size and stick them on a hook in the amount of 2 or 3 at the most. The fish grabs the bait confidently, especially when fishing in the wiring, so you should leave it naked almost all the point of the hook. It will increase the effectiveness of holds. To one of the nozzles was enough for two more bites of grain need to thread through the Central part, and then firmly move them towards each other. A small handful can be put instead of the bait mixture.

• Carp. For carp more suitable large grain of corn, which must be mounted on one or on two. If «prop up» their barley, the nozzle will remain much longer. As when fishing for IDE, the tip of the hook should be left open, but not completely, and only a few millimeters. So that carp are not pinned, otherwise it will be biting too careful.

• Carp. Hooks for catching carp (generally used in rooms 5-8) holds up to ten Golden grains. The number can be increased if you add hair accessories. It will fit 3-4 seed. If you roll the piece of bait mixture, it will become twice as attractive. It can also stick a wide range of bait, but in this case, you will have to throw very carefully, or it will fall apart after hitting the water. For carp grain it is best to plant chaotic, uneven. The whole structure should resemble a bent worm, then it will not scare away.

• Roach. This brisk fish a single grain on the hook. It is necessary to pierce through, and to push closer to the ear. In this planting, and small and large roaches perfectly podscasts bottom lip.

Corn for bait

In the composition of bait corn grain effect on the fish like a magnet. Add them to any store-bought or your homemade bait mixture. Broth remaining after cooking should also be buried into the bait to hydrate and create a fragrant trail. It is important not to overdo with the amount. A reasonable proportion: 300 g of boiled corn 2 kg of the mixture. By the way, for fishing that is quite enough, if only to be used with a float rod.

The corn mixture is cooked in the same way as other cereals. Better to cook them a little longer to grain was more overcooked. These will resist and in the trough, and the balls on the cast hand.

Tip: use only fresh corn, as sour grains can have the opposite effect.

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