Cooking tips boilies at home

Experienced fishermen know that there is no better bait and bait for carp, than baits. Their advantage lies in the fact that the fish can eat unlimited amounts of this bait and not eat. And since it eats not, it will return to the bait again and again, pulling new individuals. If the quality of the mixture pour corn meal or boiled potatoes, soon the fish will be filled on a successful fishing can not count.

So. Proceed to the selection of boilies. Anyway you can use the purchase and you can prepare yourself. It is worth noting that no matter how you tried to cook boilies of the same quality as in store, you can not, as in store-bought boilies, in addition to the standard ingredients, different ingredients are added that enhance their flavor. But there is another side to store boilies: they are quite expensive and to use them for feeding is not reasonable, unless you are a millionaire who can afford them in unlimited quantities.

If you are a millionaire and you have no funds to buy large quantities of boilies, the best option is to cook them yourself. In cooking there is nothing difficult. In your Arsenal should be a variety of cereals and attractants. The latter can be purchased in shops specializing in fishing. Their cost is small. Supplemented with attractants boilies will be little give in the purchase. It should be noted that home made boilies should be used in moderation, as they are made of natural ingredients and fish can be satisfied, and to stop believing.

Go directly to the preparation of boilies. The first recipe for boilies as follows: Take 350-400 g semolina, 200 to 300 g of corn and soy flour, 150-200 g of milk powder and 50-100 g of sugar, crushed into powder. All these ingredients are mixed until homogeneous (uniform) mixture. The resulting mixture is split a dozen raw eggs, poured 15-20 m of the attractant, 30 g olive oil or sunflower oil and 10-15 g of food coloring. The resulting mass is stirred until thick. Of the thickened mixture vyluplivajutsja small balls. Ready balls doused in boiling water (keep a couple of minutes), and then placed in a warm place for drying. Ultimately obtain a dense solid balls with scent attractants that you can crush with your hands.

The second method of making boilies is not too difficult. You will need: corn flour (1kg), rice flour (1 kg), wheat flour (1 kg). The mixture is mixed well and it added a food for birds (250 g) and dry milk (500-600 m). And then the preparation goes according to the scheme described above.

I would like to mention one recipe invented by the inhabitants of a small village located near a large lake, which is inhabited by wild carp (carps).Anyway they are prepared as follows: pound grated raw potatoes, add semolina and wheat cereals. The mixture is stirred and add it to a cake out of hemp and raw eggs. Then everything goes in the same manner as described above. It should be noted that the ingredients they picked up on the eye and enter the weight of the portions of each ingredient is difficult. These boilies are very popular with the carp.

In conclusion, I would like to tell you about the correct selection of attractants at different times of the year. In winter and autumn, when it’s cold weather, the carp love the smell of fish, shellfish and other natural flavors. In the summer, prefers the smell of herbs, fruits and the like. Slightly worse are universal scents (vanilla, anise).


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