Cooking fish in field conditions

You arrived at the pond, good fishing and want to cook to catch prey. How to do it with the least expenditure of time and effort, but to get a dish of excellent quality? Further recommendations will help to do that without too much difficulty. Before baking, you need to consider several mandatory requirements. Basic – compliance with sanitation requirements. Fish should be subjected to proper heat treatment, it is good to proclivities, dry. Also already prepared fish in the absence of a fridge in the hot season should not be stored for a long period of time. The fish almost always have some parasites or their larvae and eggs, which perish only with prolonged exposure to high temperature or salt. Undercooked, slabovrajenna fish, nedosushennye dried fish can be a source of human infection by worms and other parasites. Only observance of all rules of sanitation when cooking fish, will help to avoid infection.

When cooking fish it in the first place is usually cleaned, gutted. To make it easy. Some difficulties arise from the processing of fish with durable scales, such as perch. There are many secrets to successful processing of such fish. The most commonly used is the immersion of fish for a few seconds in hot water to facilitate the removal of scales. Another option – removing the skin from fish with scales. For this purpose a very sharp knife, sometimes with a scalpel make a cut along the dorsal fin from head to tail on both sides of the fin. The depth of cut should be small, only need to cut the skin. Then from the tail through both sides of the cut skin removed. When removing the insides and removed the head. It remains only to clean the fillets and the skeleton. With proper skill can be much faster to skin a perch than just brush.

To cook the fish on the reservoir most often at the stake. Fish fry, strung on a stick or wire, is placed in the already fading fire, smeared in clay, cooked in different containers. Way of cooking fish that have recently appeared are the following. In conventional supermarkets sold ready-to-use kits for Smoking fish on the fire. This set provides a roll of three or more layers of foil. On the bottom, between the first and second layers of foil placed small chips from fruit trees such as cherry, apricot, pear, Apple, plum. Above the layer of sawdust is a layer of foil, which is done a small hole for the smoke. The top layer is placed fresh fish, cut into small pieces. In the conventional package is about 3 kilograms of fish. The edge of the package tightly closed, to avoid burning and weathering of smoke. Prepared package sawdust falls down to the coal that burnt-out fire. Under the influence of high temperatures from a fire the sawdust begins to smolder, smoke rising in the place where lies the fish. Usually have half an hour to bring the fish until cooked.

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