Cook semolina on a fishing trip

The semolina dough is a good bait fishing for float fishing rods. About the buffeting heard by many. But how to cook it don’t know everything. It’s very simple. Take a small bottle 0.2 l and pour into it semolina 6 – 7 teaspoons. The amount depends on how much dough you need for fishing. Pour cereal with water so that water only covered our filling.

Leave for 20 – 25min, until cereal has absorbed water. Then take the handle of a teaspoon begin to interfere with semolina. To interfere actively need 10 – 15minutes. After that, if the spoon handle to remove from the jar, the spoon should reach the strands of dough, and grains are not visually evident, they disappeared. Chatterbox ready.

Now take the syringe without needle 20ml, pulling the piston handle of a teaspoon gently fill the syringe a ready talker. Fill the syringe, insert the piston back. Better to do a few of these syringes and store in the freezer. Before fishing in advance get 2 – 3 of the syringe, and you have the perfect bait on the hook. Loosely install simple, it is squeezed from a syringe semolina dough and wrap it on the hook. This bait works very well.

Prater Park is well kept on the hook and easily crushed when cutting. Using a syringe, you don’t give the talker to dry. The consistency is soft and loosely install can only use the syringe. Two to three syringes usually enough for fishing but if the bite is active, it is little. The advantage of mash is a very delicate bright white bait that hangs strands with the hook, which well it holds. Preparation takes a little time, everything is simple, and the output is a great tip for float fishing rods.


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