Complementary feeding fish in the winter

Whether to lure fish in the winter? Definitely Yes, and don’t listen to anglers, who say the opposite. As practice shows, the winter competition, proper feeding increases the number of bites and the total weight of fish caught at times. In order to achieve success at fishing, you need to approach this issue very seriously. After all, many people do not know what needs to be added to wells and often use different mixtures (cereals) performed well in the summer. This attitude, of course, to what will not, and will not affect the biting fish. At worst you will not see even a little poklewski, the water people just leave the place. So let’s consider the basic options of feeding in the winter.

In the first place the so-called live foods – bloodworm and worm. The first traditional version. Use to attract fish feed (very small size) or a regular bloodworms. Put it in the hole with a special device — a feeder, which delivers foods directly to the bottom.

But to use it better at greater depths and in areas with a depth of 2-2,5 meters without any current it is better to leave the crank portions for 12-15 larvae directly into the hole. As long as it was cleared of ice. For comfortable carrying fishing enough 2-3 matchboxes (fishing portion of bloodworms.

Feeding chopped worm to use when fishing for predatory species of fish – perch, ruff or Rotana. White fish (roach or carp) are often not interested in such seemingly «delicacy», but every rule has an exception. It happens that the worm changes the result of fishing for the better, especially if you already came to the spring thaw. Put it in the hole in the same way as bloodworms, only slightly smaller portions.

In addition to live foods, for winter fishing as bait is often used steamed corn oats, wheat or rice.

Perch is so not fetch, but crucian, roach, bream. Important thing is to cook. As a rule, takes the thermos, it throws the grain, fill it with hot water and left overnight. In the morning the water is drained, and the bait already prepared to shift into a small container and pour oil in order that the grains don’t stick together. Besides passing through the water column, they leave behind a trace of fat, a kind of column, and if the sector is fish, she’s certainly interested. Make holes in pure form. But some anglers prefer to mix with clay or earth, rolling up in little balls. It is very convenient – bait is delivered to the bottom very quickly, gradually eroded, that is, holds the fish for quite a long time. Another plus – these balls easy to add different ingredients – breadcrumbs, milk. They also showed their best side to attract fish. Milk powder, when dissolved in water creates a gray cloud, and breadcrumbs graceful «play» even on the invisible current.

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