Comparison of characteristics of scopes 4h32 production of the Yukon and Vosa

Modern hunting rifle it is hard to imagine without a good optical sight. Of course, in most cases, and the weapon itself and the optics are the production of Western companies. The domestic market regains lost ground and produces rifled shotguns with more accurate, reliable features that meet the standards. For a long time Russian producers remained in the shadow of their Western counterparts, and it allowed the second to confidently go in the first place on sales of weapons. Companies such as Swarovski and Zeiss justifiably gain the trust and respect of buyers. But not always the ordinary working person has the opportunity to allocate from its budget funds for the purchase of expensive optics. In this case it is necessary to look to domestic companies with the release of inexpensive and high-quality optics VOMZ and the YUKON.

Let’s say you bought the rifle from the «Vepr», «Los» or SCS and optics, respectively, must be chosen with the desired characteristics. Not all hunters are now excellent vision, as long pastime at the computer, TV and an unhealthy diet have left their mark on the quality of vigilance. Usually for Amateur and liquid select hunting optics no higher than 4-th multiplicity.

Belarusian sight Craft 4h32″ manufactured in the company «Belteks Optik», which is located in the town of Lida. Housing optical sight made of aluminum and has a black matte finish. There is anti-glare effect and extended angle of view. Such a sight can be put on a more serious weapon, as in the present characteristics high resistance to strikes and other industrial injuries, he also is not afraid of water and dust, the design is securely sealed and the device can be used even in extreme conditions. Optics are equipped with a sighting mark with a dot emitting red, has 11 levels of brightness of the image.

Vologda optical-mechanical factory developed an improved model of the previous run, which was called «Pilad 4h32 ML». This optics has a metal housing, sealed design and more durable. Allows you to mount the sight for different distances from the eyepiece to the eyes of the hunter. The device is fixed moves the reconciling of 1 cm at 100 meters distance. «Pilad» in its Arsenal has a mesh red illumination and the ability to adjust the brightness of the image. Powered by a single battery, which is under screw cap.

Both optical sights have an objective lens diameter: 32 mm and the possibility of a fourfold increase for accurate and careful examination of the territory for hunting. Belarusians fill the optical path of the drained nitrogen and declare that it transmits up to 93 % of the world. «Pylades» by a much lower light transmission – 70 %, but the measurement of this indicator manufacturers measure differently, and therefore there is such a discrepancy in the data.

To test both devices chose the rifle brand «Tiger». The distance was 100 meters when the ambient temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. Setting sights on the weapon were no problems created. When using optics at the «craft» was significantly less yellow image than the «Pylades», it was seen efficiently and accurately. But basically in both scopes similar characteristics, and to allow in daylight the same group. Unfortunately, the products of the Vologda optical-mechanical plant bad reviews there, but the company is actively working to improve the produced models and offers new and better scopes.

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