Clothes for winter fishing

Fishing is an occupation for strong spirit, serious people who have a special attitude to life. It has a place and admiring the glistening snow, and philosophical patience in waiting for the fish to bite, and with nothing comparable to the celebrations of a successful fishing. But no matter how strong was the spirit of the fisherman, on the body is also very important. The risk to catch a cold or get frostbite in conditions of winter fishing is quite large, so a true professional pays attention to the choice not only of equipment and appropriate clothing.

Of course, the main purpose of this gear is to keep the person warm. But, on the other hand, the lover of winter fishing in our days it is not necessary to attract the attention of passers-by with his shapeless jacket and thick boots with galoshes. The slightly comic image of the fisherman, which was inherited from ancestral times, gradually receding into the past. Now the store has a large selection of modern looks and extremely practical clothes, suitable for winter fishing.

The basic requirements to it is lightness and durability and also functionality, that implies the presence of the special clasps, loops and pockets, which experienced fisherman will always find a use for it. Clothes for winter fishing should provide the necessary level of protection from frost and cold wind, especially unpleasant in the open, be water resistant and «breathable», that is ventilated, because then impregnated wet tissue promotes heat loss of the body.

When choosing outerwear people, special attention should be paid to its convenience and practicality, including, it is possible to quickly remove or change. Here an important role is played by the specifics of fishing. If a fisherman sits at the hole without moving for a long time, then it is better to buy a suit, a double layer of insulation and a hood. When fishing on imitation fish, the opposite is true. Rybak travels a lot to first drill a large number of holes, and then watch them. In this case, suitable combination of pants and jacket that always, if necessary, can be reset. The fisherman won’t have to blow the waist or excessive sweat. Choosing warm clothes for winter fishing, you should also consider the thickness and the species is included in the composition of the insulation. Of course, natural materials – it can be fur or fluff – better than synthetics. Also, you should see that the top fabric of suit or jacket was windproof. Otherwise, the insulation, no matter how good it is, will not help to cope with the wind and cold.

In addition to coats, going ice fishing, you need to pick up more underwear and socks. The latter is also extremely important in the outfit, because the cold penetrates into the human body, starting with the feet. The most affordable solution in this case is to put a few sets of socks: thick wool, on top of them – plain cotton, and, finally, synthetic, nylon or polyester. Each of these layers performs its function. Wool socks prevent heat loss, and also stimulate blood circulation, exercising a kind of tingling feet massage. Eye-catching cotton absorb sweat. Synthetic, are characterized by high strength and elasticity, keep the lower layers from abrasion and tight-fitting leg, not giving the other socks to slide.

More expensive but still practical option are socks from such popular manufacturers like Orvis, Nexus, Rocky, Simms, specially made products for extreme winter conditions. Due to its complex structure and special binding of different thickness, these products better retain heat, are durable and comfortable enough.

In the production of some socks using such high-tech materials like neoprene and Gore-Tex. In fact, the best choice will be neoprene, and includes a layer of Gore-Tex. Not to be unfounded, the benefits of the latter should be discussed separately. Gorteks is a modern material, which is composed of three layers – the outer fabric, the membrane has many tiny pores, and an internal lining fabric. The dimensions of these pores are selected in such a way that they could not penetrate the water droplets and at the same time freely passing the steam molecules. Thus, the data consist of neoprene and Gore-Tex products maintains optimal heat and humidity. These rugged, durable socks are worn on top not thick woolen fisherman and provide maximum level of comfort, covers all costs of their purchase. Among the reliable manufacturers of these products, please call Aqua Lung, Neopro, Mares, Sargan.

Special mention should be thermal underwear. If you are going ice fishing, it is useful to put on just two of his kit in case of severe frost. The layer of air between them will be a good insulator. If the weather is not so cold, the second set is simply removed. Currently, thermal underwear is made mostly of synthetic materials, for example, of polypropylene with a small addition of natural material such as cotton. The composition of the advanced models can enter and wool of Angora goats. Because of its cellular structure thermal underwear not only retains heat, but also does not irritate the skin, and easily removes excess moisture from the surface of the body. To known and proven manufacturers of these products include Daiwa, Craft, Guahoo, Royal Angora, Simms, Reumohelp.

In addition to underwear, have to wear a warm sweater with a high collar. If the winter fishing is not going to skimp on that maintains the health of the equipment, then it is better to buy a special costume-a taunt. It is characterized by layering, which is durable and moisture — and heat-resistant. The materials for the manufacture of the suit are also different: this can be fleece, down and other insulation. In addition, the upper layers are often impregnated with Teflon. Qualitative examples of such jerkin is products companies Hardy, Shimano, Otter. This suit is convenient because it can be worn not only during winter fishing under the clothing, but the autumn fishing in the absence of severe cold.

Any vacation in extreme conditions requires careful preparation. Therefore, going ice fishing, pay special attention to choosing the suitable clothes. Then you’ll enjoy a favorite pastime, and neither the cold, nor the wind can stop you.

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