Chub in the wiring

Chub lives primarily in ponds with clean water and very strong current. To catch larger specimen of this fish — success for many anglers. Chub is found in many parts of the river, does Not like this fish the muddy bottom. But most often you will not leave without a catch, if you catch the place where the rapids and going down to the water with bushes and trees, as he likes to stay in and around the exposed root of fallen trees.

Yet this fish can be seen around eddies and at the intersection of course and quiet water. In windy weather find a place under the krutoyary, overgrown bushes, as they are falling different insects, which is a treat for Chub. In clear summer days golali appear at the water surface, hunting for insects. At this time they go in small flocks. But the bigger fish here fish turns out very rarely. Chub — cautious fish, but very voracious. Large specimens feed more often in the morning or late in the evening, during the night of the full moon.

Food for this fish species has almost everything: insects, various crustaceans and worms, food waste, berries, even cherry and cherry, which fall into the water from nearby trees. In summer anglers often use for the nozzle grasshoppers. By the way, it take a fairly large specimens. Also for the nozzle used pork fat, liver slices, bread dough, canned corn. Large fish are mostly in the pits with a more or less steady flow of water. Often this is the beginning or the end of the roll. Therefore, choose the place of fishing for big Chub is best where the water level does not reach more than three meters.

This voracious fish to all it is still very watchful and cautious. Therefore, the use of thick fishing line ( more than 0,17 — 0,18 mm) and larger hook with this fly fishing would be a clear mistake. But on a thin fishing line is much easier to catch Chub, but very difficult to pull out. Just when playing he has a strong resistance. You need to have great skill.

Chub caught by many known methods. Still, most often in the upper layers of water. If the river is small, you can fish right from the shore using conventional float fishing rods. In one place you can catch not only more two golola. Therefore constantly change the fishing spot. But in large rivers and reservoirs often you can catch a big fish. That’s just to get it only on the depth and this occurs most often when fishing in the wiring. The main fishing in such places is from boats. What tackle you need for catching Chub? It’s easy, but at the same time, the hard rod of 3.5 — 4 meters. The presence of coil is necessary because it facilitates the playing big golola. The stock of the line must be at least 50 meters. Fishing line, as mentioned, should be fine. For this approach a thin monofilament fishing line 0,17 — 0,18 mm. This scaffold will easily pull dvuhkrugovogo Chub. The length of the leash — 16 -30 cm depending on the tide (with strong add, with a weak decrease). Use hooks number 8. Not bad would happen if you set the stops of the float. Also, when angling from the boat used bait. As Chub close to the boat is not suitable, you need to throw it in 15 — 20 meters.

Catching golola in the wiring is very popular, but with all kinds of fishing required knowledge and skills.


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