Chub — how to outwit him?

Smut considered a predatory fish, and for good reason. He prefers to eat high-calorie food, especially in the period when the spent energy to spawn and regenerate, starts strongly enough insect larvae that came out on the surface of the water. If the power is not enough larvae, the adults chubs become devourers of fry. This fish straying into a pack the size of individuals and is in the underwater Kingdom of their territory for hunting. Small Chub and roach, huddled together in flocks, to go places where there is fast flow. Only there they are relatively safe, away from predators. In such a period, when the correct determination of the locations of flocks of Chub, you can safely go to catch him with the spinning rod.

This clever fish for their Parking zone selects ponds with a steady flow. It can also highlight sections of currents adjacent to each other. It can be a little away from the Islands or dams where the water jet hits the algae or the coastline. The most successful areas for casting spinning reel from dams are those which are located far below the spillway. Where tyhovoddya ringleader bordered by streams of fast moving water continually accumulates small bleak. The way a predator looking for food.

A good place for fishing may be the end of the stream of water where he loses his power. If you take the opportunity to fish from the rocks, you should stop at the beginning of the demolition of the jet, thus throwing a light «chopper» across the current. Choosing a lure for this fishing, you should consider the force of the water flow at the desired location of the reservoir. There is another very important point: on the tees selected lures, you need to bind a bunch of hard yarn or hair red color in the water it doesn’t stick together. It is best to use for this purpose such «material» to make the PREROLL, the motion — compressed, and during a stop — straightening. This behavior of wiring will be the most successful at catching this predator.

Chub prefers as cover to use boulders and stones so it can be concluded that the seabed must be solid. The bottom is usually the case in a fast shallow rapids. There is a river whose width between shores up to several hundred meters, and the depth in shallows only in the height of a man. There you need to look for Chub. Before fishing, you should think about the tactics when fishing. Chub, as mentioned earlier, fish is very cunning, and if he noticed a fisherman, I will not take the bait, but only alert. Therefore, when fishing from shore, you can make casts out of hiding. Bait in the shallow shoals, must be a minimum weight, as the grass may be a large number of hooks that may lead to loss of tackle.

The best time for catching Chub, is twilight. You need to capture the moment when the sun is low on the horizon, then starts biting. It lasts long, sometimes up to an hour. At the onset of total darkness, the bite stopped. But it is not necessary so literally to focus on the evening bite, as Chub can be caught in the daytime. Are bite, even in those places where people bathe. Chub don’t pay any attention to the surrounding bustle. If you choose the right time, it is possible to obtain a good catch of large specimens. If you were able to catch a big Chub, the casting change is better. But small fish, weighing up to six hundred grams, continue to bite on the same place.

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