Choose the motor for the boat is made of PVC

Today, among the leading producers of outboard motors for boats, made of PVC, they deservedly companies of Japan, USA, China and Russia. On taste and color it’s hard to find a friend, but considering the opinion of customers, popular motors available in the US and Japan.

Engines from different manufacturers typical: Yamaha — quiet operation, Honda — the technology, the company Tohatsu — practicality. In General, opting for a specific manufacturer, buyers can be confident in the reliability of the selected motor. If you pay attention to the price range of engines from different manufacturers, the cost of them is about the same, only the engines from Honda are expensive.

Practical advice on choice of engines for boats made of PVC

The motors are 4-and 2-stroke. For use on the territory of CIS 4-stroke motors are not good. Despite the fact that they consume much less fuel, they are sensitive to its quality, are heavy and difficult to repair and maintain. 2-stroke engines is more practical because of the simplicity, high reliability and ease of repair (you will make the repair in a workshop that supports motorcycles and petrol tool).

Motor is better to choose the American, European and Japanese companies, domestic engines are significantly inferior to them in quality and technical characteristics. At the approach to the choice of power needed to correctly solve a math problem. If you need planing, choose the engine that will allow you to enter this mode. Calculation of required power is simple: 1 HP weight 30kg outputs the gliding mode. You need to weight the boat and motor to add the weight of a fisherman and his Luggage, divided into 30kg and get the power indicator is able to bring the boat to planing. Based on these calculations and you should choose the engine. In practice, for 1 person enough two-stroke engine with a capacity of 5 L. S. to exit the gliding mode.

If boat 2-seater, the required engine power 8l. S., and capacity is 10l.with. with enough in all conditions. Motor capacity of 15L.with. gives you almost double the stock. Outboard two-stroke engine with a capacity of less than 5 L. S. withdraws in a planing boat PVC because of its design features — PVC boat has a flat bottom and a large area touching the water. Because of this, for planing needs to keep her nose raised, that can only make a powerful motor.

When choosing a boat engine, you must balance the boat and motors. If the little boat to install a powerful engine, it can tear the transom or incapacitate him. Note that with a lack of engine power when you start moving significantly rises above the water the nose of the boat (angle can reach 45gr.). The powerful engine quickly displays the planing, but if excessive, should not be starting a movement to give gas to the full, that the boat capsized.

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