Choose the best pump-action shotgun and what you need to know when choosing such models

The main criteria that should guide the arrows when selecting a pump gun is its fire rate, accuracy and power charge. From these parameters very often depends the life of the owner of the weapon. Does not make sense to consider a shotgun with ammunition less than 12 gauge. Drill barrel for self-defense weapons is not very relevant, because to engage in battle will have a big and not very movable «target».

The arms length is selected based on the usage scenario, that is convenience in wearing on the street or indoors. Optimally is the length of a shotgun 500-600 mm for street and 400-500 mm in the building.

When choosing weapons for self defense is very important the correct selection of the type of store and the ability to quickly pre-charge the empty clip. Usually pump-action shotguns come in two variants, single-column magazine (which is detachable from the gun) and the tubular magazine (rifle version of the store, charging is carried out on one cartridge using the shutter). The advantage of a box magazine is a replacement speed clips, high rate of fire, but by removing the seat shop precious time is lost. Tubular allows the store during the battle to load the gun for more ammo. The main drawback of the under-barrel tubular magazine it has a slow reload speed. Box stores are usually designed for 5 or 8 cartridges, a tubular standard version has a capacity of 4 rounds.

The following are the most popular models of weapons for self-defense with description and characteristics:

1.Saiga-12. The trunk is 580 or 680 mm long. There is a shortened version with folding butt. Calibre — 12mm. Box magazine for 2, 5 or 8 rounds. Modification: saiga-12S, saiga-12K. Weight 3.5 kg

2.Remington model 11-87. The calibre 12/76. Tubular underbarrel store for 4 rounds. Barrel length 710 mm Weight 3.4 kg Charge one cartridge through the hole in the receiver.

3.Benelli M4. Very popular in the world model shotgun. The 12 gauge (18.5 mm). The barrel length of 470 or 510 mm magazine Capacity to 6 rounds (tubular, under-barrel), meet version is limited to 4 cartridges. Weight 3.8 kg

4.Benelli m1Ѕ90. Another representative, 12th caliber. Tube can hold up to 7 cartridges, in the presence of the extender (standard 4 rounds). The weight of this rifle 3.3 kg, barrel length 710 or 760 mm. is Very simple and easy to maintain model. But there is a problem in jamming of the cartridge in charging, as in many other models of this brand.

5.Benelli m3Ѕ90. A more robust version of the previous model.

6.Beretta 1201F . Another model smoothbore gun, designed by Italian armourers. Barrel length 520 mm, weight 2.8 kg. depending on the type of the used cartridge in the gun to charge 5 or 6 rounds. The disadvantage of this model is decent recoil.

7.Mr-153. Russian model shotgun with a tubular underbarrel store which can accommodate up to 5 rounds. In the presence of extender shop can charge 8 rounds. Suffers workmanship.

8.Franchi SPAS-15 – shotgun Italian box store. Analogue of the Russian Saiga. Store up to 6 rounds, with the barrel length of 450mm, 12 gauge and weight 3.9 kg. Quite capricious and difficult to maintain model.

9.Franchi SPAS-12 pump-action shotgun variant. Tubular shop can accommodate up to 8 rounds. The model, like the previous one, the same company, it is «capricious».

10.Remington 870. Weapons of the U.S. marine corps, it’s a classic pump shotgun. The model is still armed with power structures and the army around the world. Reliable and quality gun.

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