Choose the best domestic double barrel shotgun

In our country, the plants produce both mass and single-piece gun high quality, able to meet the needs of every hunter in this weapon.

Let’s start with korkovyh models. In this category, the high demand of model B, it is a very inexpensive and reliable option. The gun is manufactured under the 16 and 20 gauge, its weight is from 3 to 3.2 kilograms. Drilling represented the right cylinder and the left check, but in sales sometimes you can find other options for purchase.

A sporting rifle of the MC-9 is another popular model. It has a great battle and won great popularity among customers. Drilling presents full chokes, barrel length of 76 inches. The weight of 3.8 pounds, it’s a decent performance for this class of weapons.

A options of most interest among buyers in the country, because they are much easier and more convenient in its use, further distinguished by excellent performance. The improvement of this type of weapons is continuing, and the market appears more and more new models of rifles in this category.

In 1948 began production of a popular and widespread gun model A. It has a rather good engraving, effectively complements the look of this weapon. The weight is about three kilos, drilling in this model, the left choke and the right barrel. Some guns have two Choc. The main advantage of the presented guns the hammers are cocked during lowering of the barrels.

In Ukraine the majority of a guns comes with Izhevsk plant. The most popular IZH-49 and IIB-47.

47 the model is made with classic triple lock and the top of the key for opening. Castles located in separate cups and when closing occurs Kurkov construction.

In the manufacture of barrels used steel 50 A. They have left choke and the right polochak. Among the calibers used for the production of 12, 16 and 20. All models have an average weight from 3 to 3.2 kilograms, depending on the type and modification.

49 the model is used for target shooting. It has a three point lock when closing the trunk locks automatically pull the trigger. The gun is set to automatic fuse, it protects the weapon from accidental discharge. Drilling is exactly the same as IIB-47, the Lodge can be a musket, or pistol polupustyne.

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