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Have you ever felt «vertigo mixed», standing in a shop front window with lures? How often do You have problems with choosing the right charms before going fishing? How often do You ask yourself the question: why are there so many types of lures for one of the fisherman? You just want to buy a pack of good bait and can quickly get near the water. And, of course, the prices!!! often You ask yourself: what needs to be done this lure to be so expensive? We know You all too often ask myself these questions to purchase has been a pure pleasure. When things were simpler. A little bit of potatoes left after dinner, bread, bran, vanilla sugar, and bream have already pecked. And now? In the fishing store is difficult to navigate without a guide. We’ll try to have friends, fishermen bait through the maze of caches, through a thicket of colored packages.

Before you enter the store, you can already do a pre-selection in search of bait. You probably know where going fishing. Lake, canal, river or pond is the first clue. You also know that you will catch with bridges at shallow depths or from the boat mooring at great depths or from the shore with feeders for bait. So You have a second selection criterion. For example, You know that you will catch fish — carp, bream, roach, tench or carp. This is the third piece of the puzzle. Now You already know what bait will be suitable for You? The answer is one that is suitable for the fishing and fish that is found in it.

At the entrance to the store with You, as always, will meet the seller with the question of what bait to show? In response do not say out of habit: some good. After all, for every seller bait shop good, bad, if he can offer will not. And You need a specific bait, adapted to the fishing conditions, because in a few hours You will catch a large bream from the lake bottom. You already know the selection criteria for the appointment of a bait: the type of fishery, its depth and the type of fish you will catch. The most important thing.

And as influenced by the type of fishery, depth, and fish in the composition of the bait? Type of fishery is the appropriate choice of viscosity of the lure. One will be on the lake, the other on the rapid river. Depth is properly chosen mechanical properties of the individual components and their proportions. This is a very difficult element in the preparation of bait, because the number of heavy and binding components must be balanced in light and loose components. Very few manufacturers of lures know how to choose their proportions to one bait was in the form of balls completely at the bottom, and another almost disintegrated at the moment of contact with water. Fish species that are found in the place of fishing, affects the appropriate selection and composition of flavor and aroma components.

You probably bought the bait because it had a good smell. And remember, on the same bait You couldn’t catch, and Your neighbor was fishing for fish? Unpleasant feeling… You then drew attention to such «trifle»: the neighbor fished from the very bottom, and Your bait — the one with the best smell in the store, hung in deep or drifted with the current? The bait is effective, provided that You accurately place and hold it in time for your chosen location. Therefore, the most important is the accurate choice of lure type fishing depth, species of fish etc. You ask: and the smell? Yes, it’s nice, but it’s not the most important. It’s like with food: not everything that smells good, delicious.

You already know the type of bait, but still do not know what exactly You need. On display are several dozen packages, one prettier than the other. The seller will probably show a few items that meet Your requirements, designated exactly for such conditions when You are going to catch. Please note the colour of the lure, it should be similar to the color of the bottom of your egg. Only large fish, for example, some carp are not afraid of bright spots on the bottom. On the contrary, it often is the additional visual impact when searching for food.

Or bait must contain something that is not visible? Of course, this «magic power» instant attracting fish and keeping them long at the place of fishing without the effect of excessive feeding. Between us speaking, it has nothing to do with magic; it is likely the appropriate use of some of the components required for the manufacture of modern baits such as bioactivators, food enzymes etc. But it can only from the best manufacturers.

Throw a glance again on the counter with lures, how many of them match Your requirements and which to choose? We will help You select the best, most proven. Select decoy DRAGON. It is a well — known manufacturer for many years, is recognized throughout Europe. With his delights were caught thousands of beautiful specimens of fish and won hundreds of fishing Championships. It is 100% proven offer. So you can choose the correct bait before the entrance to the store? You already know the answer.

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