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To start is to divide the existing models into two main types, depending on the fishing circumstances. The first type is the spinning rod for fishing from the shore.

The second type, the rod, the purpose of which, fishing boats, etc. the Classification given above, the conditional, but that it will be a reference point when choosing the right equipment for the specific conditions of fishing.All in good time…

Main, they are the same, the main difference of the presented versions of the classification is the length of spinning. Coastal fishing is usually a variation from 2.7 m up to 3.5 meters respectively.

Fishing from a boat, solves fishing hands, and almost all the places for casting lures easily covered. In such conditions, the length, if it is redundant it will only interfere with the convenience and efficiency.

The coast option, long arm, it is necessary for casting while holding a rope in both hands, and a strong swing, from behind.

This ensures long-distance casting, which is proportional to the length of spinning, of course the range of coverage is also influenced by the weight of the bait, and here we come to such design features as a test of the rod.

Test, affects the rod, looks like this: 15-45, 30-60, a lot of options, and concluded in these figures, information, reports, what weight lures the rod is designed. It is very important not to skip this option that would not have happened so that suddenly when casting broke off a thin part of the spinning, and many other inconveniences and troubles.

This is determined by the fact that the test is a measure of stiffness, and catching the super «light» snap-in that weighs just a few grams, you simply will not be able to throw on reasonable distance, if your rod has a score of 60-120, for bottom fishing, the so-called feeder tackle. To talk about the game so easy lures heavy tackle is not necessary that the result of such errors will not be comfortable and with high probability, fruitless fishing.Also attention should be paid to the size of the rings, their material, method of attachment to the spinning. If they are tightly fixed, in case of failure to replace the rings without spending a lot of time will fail.

Equally important is the material of the handle very convenient and popular is cork materials.

To pay attention is necessary in the design of the Assembly if it is two knee fishing-rod case purchase, although, as a rule, the firm-producers respecting and consumers will provide cover in the kit.

Always remember that not correctly chosen equipment, will ruin the process of fishing, which will affect the number of fish caught, not in your favor. The most likely result will be beaten, the impression of this type of fishing, which is quite active.

And running along the shore with a short spinning rod, with a desire to reach the coveted edge, where it feeds on fish, and to see how the lure lands twenty meters from the shore… the picture is not the most pleasant. Especially if this is your first experience.Well-chosen tackle, does not guarantee the success of the detention, but the fun of fishing will stay with you for a long time!

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