Choose and prepare skis for hunting

Skis for hunting differ from conventional skis. This is reflected in the unique design and appearance. Such changes are associated with functions. Hunting skiing help to move the hunter. They must withstand a significant load and do not fall in the snow. Good ski glide forward, so even with a steep incline. You need to buy only those products that are suitable for movement on snow.

Every hunter should be able to choose skis. Useful tips for beginners:

Hunting skis should be made generally from maple, spruce, birch. They are larger than conventional products and shorter. The ski is not above the hunter.

There are only three types of skis for hunting: kamunye, golitsy, combined. On the surface konusnyh skiing strengthens the skins, which is a thin geschwollene skin from the feet of elk, horses or deer. This coating is applied during skiing. It allows you to move easily through the snow. They only have one drawback. Kamunye skis get wet and become heavy. Them then difficult to manage. That’s why experienced hunters choose combined skiing. They have a sliding surface is applied a small layer of skin.

Ski golitsy treated before use with a special ointment. But many hunters themselves make such mixtures. If the ointment is to be used at temperatures up to -10 degrees, it is made in the following way. You must take all three parts melted beeswax, one part tallow and fish oil, add a little tar or rosin. Ointment before using warm a bit and grate it. You should then Polish the surface.

Aluminum stopper – forming part for a ski. He prevents slipping on the slope. There is an aluminum plate, width and length 15 cm

The brake plates are fixed with clamps. If it starts to rise, then they fall and start of the plate to prevent slipping.

Preparing for winter and ski bindings. In the hunting products they should be as durable, but the leg needs a quick release. There are hunters who sheathe mounting of dense tissue. So shoes snow and skiing are easily removable.

Here are some tips and recommendations that will help to gather for winter hunting. Hunting skiing – a great helper during the movement. Snow hampers movement. So to pick up the ski responsibly.

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