Choose a smoothbore shotgun

When choosing a shotgun, you need to determine the type of production, an area where you will be hunting, the physical endurance of the shooter and technique of the forthcoming shooting. Often the reliability of the gun depends not only a good shot, but also the life of the hunter. A good gun will allow you to completely surrender to the chase and eliminate the need to be distracted by it. Quality gun that the professionals use in hunting — is not cheap, sometimes the price goes up to several thousand dollars.

For novice hunters will approach double-barreled shotgun that will shoot from both barrels, has 2 trigger. This gun is simple enough to use, it can easily handle an average on the physical parameters. Double-barreled weight roughly should be 2.7-3.2 kg the Best caliber for a double-barreled gun is 12th, it will help to give the balls a large expansion that will fix a small error in aiming. For hunting large wild animals usually choose the gun 28 or 32 caliber. Although you have the right to decide what gun is right for you – single-barreled, double-barreled, semi-automatic or automatic. You can hunt bear and a shotgun twelve-gauge, it should be supplemented with a rifled barrel to get at the beast from several tens of meters. There are even guns with three or four trunks, a different cost.

A lot of hunters that hunted with shotguns, so my life with him and not divorce. This gun has the reliability, durability, it is not difficult to care for and store. After hunting with a smoothbore gun for five years, you have the right to execute documents for the purchase of rifles.

In the summer it is recommended to use a small weight of the gun. If you hunt open areas – choose a rifle equipped with a long barrel, and between the bushes and thickets to hunt easier with a short barrel. Hunting probably takes the whole day you can take a single barrel gun, it is much less weight than a double-barreled gun. From such a rifle to make a shot only once and the hunter should be able to aim well.

Before buying a gun should be familiar with the instructions and specifications. Do not rush to immediately make a purchase, because the gun is the thing that you want to change as little as possible. Passes a certain period of time until the hunter accustomed to their new weapons in the further arms with the hunter are one.

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