Choose a rubber boat

Summer is coming, and that means it’s time to prepare to leave, or even just to warm a weekend in nature. Preferably closer to the pond, where you could go fishing, or maybe just have a nice time. Best assistant in this case, will undoubtedly become the rubber boat. If you are going to buy a boat, need to think carefully and decide on a difficult, but very pleasant choice.

Should be selected on the basis of that can offer the manufacturer or the seller. For a start, you should determine the material from which the inflatable boat. It’s polyurethane, rubberized fabric, PVC. Rubberized fabric is widespread in Russia, because of its low price. When you select a boat from this material it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the fabric was covered with rubber from both sides. For this you need to release from the boat the air and Unscrew the valve. Close attention should be paid to the tape, fining seams, sturdy rubberized tape on both sides. The glue on them is invalid. And the color of the ribbon should be same color of the material of the boat.

Reinforced PVC is perhaps the most popular material. He has a good resistance to exposure to oil and sunlight, but poor paintability, it is also necessary to forget. Not reinforced of PVC strength he is not high, and low elasticity. But the boat it is easier, do not rot, and they cost less. The main advantage is considered the possibility of weld seams, thereby enhancing their manufacturability and reliability.Polyurethane is undoubtedly the most blagopriyatnykh material in boat manufacturing for extreme use. It is a plastic material, resistant to abrasion and very well glued. Do not forget about this factor when choosing a rubber boat, as the capacity. It is very important to decide how many seats will be in the boat. Single — the most lightweight and compact, they will fit even in a backpack.

Double — the most convenient and appropriate in terms of price/weight/capacity, in a boat, you can lie down (if she has inflatable bottom). Triple is better suited for two or three people, they can establish powerful enough motor.

The bulk of fans of water travel chooses a double boat, guided by the requirements of load capacity, compactness and spaciousness. For inflating boats it is best to use the pump «frog», a paddle can be both aluminium and hardwood, with polypropylene or plastic blades. Polypropylene have less area, but they are stronger. And, of course, need to focus on the presence of various accessories, especially that their choice is now quite diverse.


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