Choose a lure for fishing with the mind

Every fisherman knows that a jig is a lure for catching predatory fish like pike, perch or Zander. This type of lure has long been known. The spoon is a plate of metal with holes for fixing to a fishing line and hooks thereto. Plate-base can be different shapes and sizes, they are made from various materials, such as copper, steel, brass, Nickel silver, bimetal, surgical steel. The spinners are painted in different colors – from Golden to black. They are intended for use when fishing on spinning. Depending on the configuration of the spinner a different «play» in the water. Some of them imitate the movements of insects or fish. In connection with such a variety of lures, especially important to choose the right bait for fishing on a specific location. The spinner needs color and movements to mimic the prey of a predator that live in the pond that you intend to catch.

Matters and the time of year that you are going fishing, because the spinners are divided into two groups – summer and winter. Summer spinners, in turn, are divided into types. First, is the oscillating spinners, the so-called «spoons». Their size varies from 30 mm to 130 mm, weight 4 gr. – 40 gr. Depending on the size and weight of these lures are used for fishing at different depths. «Spoons» have the classic look is a metallic plate with a triple hook on one end and a mounting hole for the fishing line on the other. Often near hook spoon lures is the plastic petal, which presumably mimics the behavior of a sick or injured fish, which are most often hunted by the predators. This statement is possible because until now nobody proved that the sick fish, and oscillating spinner, floating, swinging from side to side. The good efficiency of this configuration, the spinner show in the fall, when fish are particularly active. Absolutely all famous brands produce the oscillating spinners. Among them, Kastmaster, Kuusamo, Daiwa.

The second summer of spinners is spinners or turntables. The size of the lures depends on the size of its petals and ranges from 15 mm to 65 mm, and the size of the base, the length of which does not exceed 50mm. This is the most popular type of spinner. The main requirement for such a spinner is the ease of rotation of the petal. The ideal device «turntables» in which petal starts to rotate even at very slow wiring. The rotation of this spinner creates in-water vibrations which attract predators. «Spinner» is one of the most efficient types of lures. But she is very naughty, because any foreign object in the water, be it a blade of grass, twig or algae that got in the way «fans» can stop her game. Therefore, regardless of the length and angle of deviation of the blade, speed of rotation and color, to use this lure is only open places where she can show excellent results. The most popular spinning lures, is a spinner of the firm «Mepps».

Spinners with unique design is the third type, often called «Devon». Devon, invented in England, are quite rare in the sale. The body of this spinner is heavy and has a cigar-shaped. Means that this jig operates on the principle previously discussed «turntables», because it has in the design of the blade, which can be located at the beginning and at the end of the bait. The rotational speed of the Devon depend on the location, size and direction of the blades. This lure is ideal for catching of a pike The only obvious drawback Devon is a twisting of the fishing line, but this problem can be solved using protivotankovaya when installing gear. Allowance as spinners, firm «Mepps» is popular among fishermen.

Unlike summer, winter spinners not so much, rather it is one kind of spoons – rapid. The design of this spoon allows it to fall vertically to the bottom, which is very convenient when fishing in the winter time through the hole. Vertical spinners are diving and wavering. From the title becomes clear the behavior of the spinners in the water. Winter spinners are already much older and much more simple in design.

Choosing a lure for catching, remember that a properly designed choice – the key to successful fishing. Not you scales, no tail!


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