Choose a feeder rod

Today, Russia is gaining increasing popularity for feeder fishing. Year after year a huge number of fishermen trying their hand at this form. But how to choose a feeder rod under force not to everyone, especially beginners.

Let’s start with the length of the feeder rod, it begins with 3.6 m and ending with a length of 4.5 meters. Considered the most versatile rod up to 4 meters.

These rods deliver the feeder to the far distance will not be difficult. On the river with a rocky bottom likely hooking tackle very large, and the length of the rod is enough to make a small leap to quickly tear trough from the bottom to avoid the hook.

Feeder rod length exceeds 4 meters is used primarily for longer casts or on reservoirs with the strong current. On a strong current the fishing line will be strongly blown into the water by the current, the sensitivity of the bite will worsen. If you set the feeder of greater length vertically at a steep angle, the sensitivity persists, it is provided that if there is no wind.

There are feeder rods with variable length, but the use of such rods is not recommended because you will loose Stroy of the rod.

Along with a feeder rod supplied three or four of the tip in different colors, it is necessary in order to make them clearly visible against the sky or in the dark. The top have different test, each designed for different weights of feeders, domes with the largest test cannot exceed the test of the rod. When choosing the top under the weight of the intended feeders do not forget to take into account that the trough will still be food.

The weight of the entire snap together with complementary feeding shall not exceed the test rods. Test feeder manufacturer usually indicates the rod, but some firms indicate not a test, and the power, so you better ask the seller how much weight can withstand the rod when casting and do not exceed it.

Another important factor is the structure of the feeder. Choose a rod more flexible, with a rigid system, so you casts will be more accurate and far. Check the bait shop, taking off the tip, make a few movements as if you throw bait, the best option is if it is bent in the upper third, not all the rod entirely.

When choosing a feeder rod please note on check the ring, if more means better. This will provide a more uniform load on the feeder. Other factors, such as the handle, reel seat as virtually no play, that’s your personal preference.

Good luck to you in choosing a feeder rod. For greater certainty, do not forget to consult with the seller.


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