Choice fishing spots

The choice of location for fishing will overstate what fish you are interested in. Pike prefer grassy terrain, perches they don’t like, and so for each fish.

Choosing the site in the winter, remember how it was in the summer, because your knowledge will be important. If the area is the reeds or seaweed, it means that there will only be a certain type of fish. Most of these fish are interested in horsetail, where basically you can find perch and pike but other fish are trying to get on this site, as these algae produce a lot of oxygen, and for fish in winter, this fact is very important. Those fish that have diseases, are also taking the court in order for them to recover. Choosing a place on the pond, you will definitely leave with a catch. But consider your safety before set foot in such places check the ice with successfully.

Also note the shallow top depth, there is always a lot of fish. This so-called fish trail. Such a path can be guessed from algae, it is what fish swim in this place. If you pulled from the bottom of the algae better look at them. Depending on what kind of algae you can determine what fish you catch this place. The fish also hang out on the sandy strip, because there are many beetles and larvae. At the depth it lives mainly big fish.

If you came in an unknown reservoir, it is necessary to reckon with the time you have to devote to fishing, the size of the reservoir, to the depth of your chosen fish, and the lack of certain gear. You should pay attention: searching for fishing spots, or waiting for fish. It all depends on the fisherman. Some come for the fishing, more to relax than to go fishing, so drilling a lot of holes to advise does not make sense. Such fishermen are selected for a place in silence, and patiently wait until prey is caught on the hook. There are such situations that the patient fishermen get a larger catch than restless.

Before doing a lot of holes, make one, and wait until you get a strike, otherwise you are just wasting time in fishless place. Not to get into such a stupid situation you have a thorough understanding of the reservoir, or test by the following method: measure the depth, make a few holes using the search rope, determine the method of fishing and the right gear. Can also try to poprikalyvatsya some hole, but only if you are sure that there is fish.

All these methods belong to the sea fishing, in this case, you resort to sh not stopping one hole near each, but with the help of this technique, in any case, you certainly will with a catch.

Using these tips, you will definitely find a fish place.

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