One of the catadromous schooling fish is chehon. She is the only representative belongs to the genus Pelecus.

Looks like chehon?

To recognize this type of fish is fairly easy. She has beautiful straight and slightly elongated body. Sides it’s a little compressed. If outwardly you look, the it saber. On the sides there is a pink plaque, and on the back it acquires a greenish-blue hue. Chest and abdominal Department is a bit yellowish, the rest of the body grey. Line side close to the ventral side. A sharp keel can be detected in the abdomen. Dorsal fin rather short and located at the rear of the body. Swimmers in the thoracic long. The lower jaw is very noticeably rises. Scales covered the whole body — it is thin and very shiny. Chehon grows to medium size. Some specimens can be 1 kg.

Where can you catch sabrefish?

This kind of fish lives in ogolennyh areas in the Azov and Black, and on the Baltic sea. In Ukraine, it can also be found at the bottom of the river Dnepr. Sometimes chehon can be found on the Dniester, the Danube, the southern bug.

How to live chehon?

The fish likes clean places in rivers or reservoirs, where there is no undergrowth. It often adheres to the surface of the water. Night lies on the bottom. Usually at this time of day chehon hiding in holes, cavities. When it’s cold, the fish starts to choose seats a little deeper. Migration carries on in spring, autumn. This species grows very quickly, especially these rates is noticeable during the first years of existence. Growth is slowing down, when it comes to puberty. For example, on the river southern bug on the first year of life the body length of this fish is not more than 7.5 cm after 6 years, this figure increases to 33.6 see The largest species lives in the river. There the fish grows up to 45 cm, weighing 800 g. Some time on the river was infested with chehon more than 70 cm in length and is at the age of 3 years, but that was 10-15 years ago. The fish spawning occurs in March or April when the water temperature is about 12 degrees. Sabrefish spawns eggs on plants which then swells and develops. Fecundity reaches up to 110,000 eggs. Fish saltwater-resistant. It feeds at the water surface. When it comes to breeding time, fish eats little. Only after spawning begins an active search for food. Chehon loves insects. In the pursuit of them can even jump out of the water. Eats little during cooling, that is, with the onset of autumn and winter. The most active feeding is done morning and evening. This factor should be taken into account during fishing.

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