Check and zeroing before hunting

For ethical reasons, while hunting large wild beast, the hunter from the first shot hit the animal and not to condemn it to a long suffering from his injuries. To avoid this, it is necessary not only shot the appropriate ammunition, but the highest accuracy, which is subject to the hunter with good preparation. Theoretically, the technique of firing with great precision by many hunters is absorbed quickly, but the development of practical skills lasts sometimes for years.

Of course, that does not cause any disputes the fact that to make an accurate shot at a standing animal is much easier than someone who runs, jumps or flies. This implies the first task with regard to strategy – the hunter should be the first to see up close the production. This can be achieved only if the animal is not you, not hear and not see. Do not attempt to cross open space without making his examination with cozy places. If you open the large size (a few hectares), very carefully, take the time to examine it with binoculars. If a wild animal is detected, it is necessary to ensure a sufficient distance to him to make a kill shot. Even if estimated on the eyes, you realized that the animal on the reach of bullets , you need to make an attempt to predict its future actions (feeding, rest, preparation for the transition to a new place).

Good firearms training for arrow it is not only the acquisition of physical skills, but training psychological state. Maintaining calm and confidence need the hunter in order to quickly and promptly make the decision to make a shot or not. After the pilot I think is not the hunter that quickly, and sometimes without much use produces a bullet from the barrel, and the fact that it shoots true and reliably. If an experienced hunter has no confidence in the willingness of the shot (the beast away, running fast or flying), he’s not shooting the animal let go, because he knows for sure that very soon he would be the most beneficial option.

Before going on another hunting any hunter must check its capabilities when firing. When equipped weapon optical sight after transportation, mandatory checked all the mounts optics and drums clips. To be fully confident in the capability of the gun need to do 2-3 shots on test targets from a distance of one hundred meters. In any case, when changing the type of cartridge or the entire party be calibrated weapon.

Target for zeroing is a blank sheet of paper of standard sizes painted on the center cross. The width of the stripes cross, is 10, length 120 mm. Taking in the sight of the center of the cross , at the same time combining with the stripes horizontally execute the shot. If the bullet fell on the center of the cross, the same shot now do with an optical sight having a sight hole in the target. While not changing the position of the arms, accurate rotational movements of drums lead the stump of sight in the Central part of the holes, perform the shot. If necessary, this operation is performed again, ensuring that the bullet went exactly in the center of the cross. Then this procedure must be performed at a distance of three hundred and five hundred meters. On the advice of experienced hunters PI zeroing the readings on the drums should be recorded in the hunting pad and safely keep, for so the next sighting was made in the shortest possible time.

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