Characteristics of the Siberian ice fishing

Siberian ponds are ideal for ice fishing. Because of the climatic characteristics of the region, fishing is possible within 9 months of the year.

Fish caught in winter compares favorably with the summer fish – thicker, tastier, and better-keeping, both fresh and frozen.

Going on the ice, it is important to remember that safe is the thickness of 12 inches. If you plan to embark on the river with the vehicle, the minimum threshold is 30 inches. For the most part of water bodies of Siberia, these figures are typical in November — December. January and February cold is capable of freezing body of water up to two meters in depth.

At this thickness of ice is impossible to do successfully a small (small fishing crowbar) for pranks holes and mine need a serious drill. Experienced fishermen know that in order to find the fish place I have to fight not one hole. The presence of good equipment and good physical fitness will help to get pleasure from the Siberian winter fishing.

The temperature often drops below 45 degrees. This imposes special requirements to the equipment of the angler. The presence of the heated tents are very desirable.

One of the most respected fishermen «winter» fish is lake trout, which weight is usually 3 to 5 pounds. Sometimes you can find individual for 10 or even 20 pounds, but it is relatively rare. Very high probability of damage to gear – break the hook or line breaks, which are designed for smaller weights. For sea trout the most successful places are the reach above the pits. Optimal depth is 30 inches from bottom to ice. Trout caught on live bait. This can be a common minnow. Often, along with the trout you can catch Lenka, for they are characterized by similar conditions of fishing. The weight of Lena, who most often becomes the prey of winter fishing, is 200-300 grams, however, sometimes the prey can weigh more than a kilogram.

Rare, and traditionally coveted trophy in ice fishing is the pike. Catch her as bait fish, usually snapper, and trolling. If in the first half of winter, and in Siberia the first winter month called November, pike saves the active movement, then in January it becomes sluggish and goes into rivers, deep hollows and poorly responds to the bait. The first period, which is also called active Joram, the best time for pike.

Towards the end of the February pike begins the second active period. At this time it is from space winter Parking, traveling to the reaches in small rivers and streams. Experienced fishermen say that at this time pike is looking for «fresh water» – she needed feeding before the spawn. Of course, the weight caught the «winter» pike is 1-3 pounds.

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