Caught a fish or the secrets of carp fishing

Most anglers don’t hesitate to call carp one of the most desirable catches. When fishing this fish has its secrets. This article will help you to find and catch this wonderful fish.

Despite the outward calm, carp, once on the hook does not give up until the last, hard fighting and resisting. Even when he gets to the shore and, seemingly, doomed, and here he shows his rebellious nature. Clamp or hold it in your hand is very difficult. This is the case when the power is useless. But if you take it gently with affection, he seems to jump in his hands.

The difficulty of catching this «capricious» in that the predicting is almost impossible. And even experienced fishermen, experienced in catching other types of fish are very surprised by the antics of carp. Because its habitat is not confined to a particular place. Find carp on shallow water and at a shallow depth. In addition, for habitat carp do not interfere with dense thickets and river or lake vegetation and algae are deprived of made parts of the river. Therefore it is better to catch carp using a boat. In the marshy part of the river is very easy to find a place where the fish are actively feeding. There in calm weather it is difficult to find bubbles rising from the water circuit. This is the «refectory» carp.

Tackle for fishing, must also be sensitive and easy. More suitable not a big bright float, equipped with small pellets on the distance to the swivel. Fishing line should be thin but strong. Carp, and even a gold, even silver, can be easily caught with worms, bloodworms or maggots, but will not refuse from bread, semolina, corn. If this place is found ruff or rotan, as a nozzle use a mash from semolina, as the maggot or worm will attract rather these fish. Follow the immersion depth of the nozzle, it must either lie on the bottom, or to be higher by a few inches from him. In still water you can play head to provoke a carp. Most effective posting here will be intermittent. But remember that the movement should be smooth. Since spikes of the nozzle, you risk to scare away the carp and stay without a catch.

In windy weather the wiring, I usually manage by itself. It is worth to monitor its intensity and slightly correct. Bite often occurs at the time of termination of the jump of the nozzle and therefore, do not forget to follow the float. And remember, the more active the fish, the more movement of the nozzle.

But fishing from shore can be no less successful than fishing from a boat. Here you need to pay maximum attention to the choice of location for fishing. This may be the boundary between the overgrown shallow waters and significant depth. In this case, you will have a good grasp of habitats for carp. And should feed the fish, that she would not be distracted by trouble, like the loss of their brethren from the pack. The bait also has a secret, she should work harder to Pridon and less leave traces on the surface. It is not necessary in order not to attract the attention of the less popular fish species. When using a typical bait and also add cake and chopped and toasted sunflower seeds and river sand. This bait will be spread at the bottom, and not lying in one lump. That will allow you to fish the lure at a greater distance.

If the bite should be very firmly, yet gently draw out the carp, especially if it’s big. First, try to distract him from the lure, as fiercely resistant fish can frighten other relatives. And if a carp reel the line itself, and so it does to cut her with his sharp fin, don’t rush things, and for some time to release the tension, then it is likely he will untangle the line and then again to pull the fish.

Just pay attention to the hook, many fishermen met mutilated carp with a torn lip. This happens if the hook was stupid and so caught on the soft tissue. In this case, the carp certainly will go, tearing his lip. So use quality and sharp hooks.

Here are some simple tips when fishing for carp.

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