Catching white bream in October

The white bream fishing in October is highly dependent on the weather. This process is most attractive in the Sunny, warm weather. This fish is caught at a depth of about 4-6 meters for almost the entire day. Bream has many similarities with the bream why many fishermen often confuse them. This fish lives in deep and quiet places with a clayey or muddy bottom and warm water. Long journeys across the pond bream is trying to do, she probably lives a sedentary life. With the arrival of autumn cold snap bream accord with summer feeding and moved closer to wintering holes. In the daily diet of this fish consists of insect larvae, and various bottom animals, molluscs and worms. The best fishing of the white bream in October, takes place on the float rod, which is equipped on light CFRP rods up to 5 meters in length. The rod is equipped with a spinning reel with the thickness of the main fishing line no more than 0.22 mm fishing Line for a leash it is better to take to 0.16 mm thick. Hooks for catching white bream in October choose №№ 3,5-5, and color to their special role in the process will not play. If used nozzles are of plant origin and insect larvae, the hook is better to choose a short forend. When the nozzles are used as manure worms, hooks must be long forend.

A huge role in the success of white bream fishing in October is the choice of the float. Its form can be shaped with an extended upper antenna. Standard color – green bottom with red top. The float is attached only at the bottom point with a small lobster clasp. Shipment of the float is done so that the surface was not visible to all, but only half of the antenna.

To improve the bite of this fish, fishing in the evening, you need to install the trough. Start fishing the white bream in October, better in the morning. When good Kleve float may behave differently. Sometimes it can sharply out of the water and lie down, or slow to lie down on the water and move to the side, leaving the water. Great tips for catching white bream in October serve as manure worms, bloodworms, maggot, insect larvae. As the bait is taken the clay balls with the addition of various larvae, small oprisa, worms. These balls roll so to prevent them from breaking when they hit the water. They should slowly melt away, carrying the maggots and worms. It follows that the balls with food need to throw a little upstream. You need to be prepared for the fact that the active bite will start after a couple of minutes, because what fell in the water, balls of bait will rush flocks of white bream from all sides of the pond.

Bite of white bream are most often determined, as in the perch. Fish don’t like to pull the nozzle, and almost immediately, gasping. Sometimes it also happens that feeling the hook, the fish immediately throws it. Fishermen often called white bream «champion» in stergiadou attachments from the hook. So while catching this fish using float tackle necessary to hook in even after the slightest movement of the float. If to wait long until the float disappear under water, you can wait for that bream will take a shower and leave. Therefore, it is necessary to collect all their attention to leave the pond with a nice booty.

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