Catching white bream in November

November is considered one of the most difficult periods in the fishing of white bream. This fish never ceases to feed, and descends from the seamounts to a depth of 2 meters to the center of the river where the depth can reach 5 meters. By mid-month she completely goes into the ducts to a depth of 6-7 meters. Unlike the other autumn months, white bream fishing in November is not stable, so it is very likely to go fishing with empty hands. November is considered a good catch, consisting of 10-20 average fish weight of about 200 g. white bream Catches of over 10 kg is quite rare and occurs 1 in every 3-4 years. Under favorable conditions, bream easily takes the bait for half an hour before sunset.

At this time, as a rule, small fish are caught. An hour after sunset, and sometimes later the fish starts biting real. After midnight, the biting is starting to fade away, and in 2-3 hours the night stops altogether. Therefore, for successful catching of the white bream in November you must come to the pond in about 30 minutes before sunset and wait patiently for the bite in 1-2 hours a night. If until that time there was not a single bite, we can safely cut bait. But if became an active bite, you need not to yawn and as soon as possible to draw out fish, taking prey off the hook, putting in the garden, deftly Narovlya the nozzle on the hook and casting tackle for the new trophy. Active nibble of the white bream in late autumn is very short, so you cannot waste a single minute. For catching of white bream in November, used the most common float tackle: Bologna or poles. In late autumn, when the fish moves to the center of the pond to a depth of, one is advised to use longer flight 9-10-meter, or Bologna 7-8-meter rods. Great tackle for catching this fish is the plug, especially with flat floats. Unfortunately, this tackle is not widely spread among Russian anglers. Collecting fishing tackle for catching of white bream in November should not be too carried away by the hook size and the thickness of the line. The best hook size is No. 18, according to the international classification. Only with frequent bites of large specimens, you can use hooks №16. When using larger hooks can scare off suspicious fish and bloodworms when pushed to be more injured. The thickness of the main fishing line to the Bologna snap-in needs to be up to 0.14 mm, at the centrifugal pole — to 0.12-0,128 mm. it is Clear that for successful fishing and hooks, the line should be from reputable manufacturers and the highest quality. Special attention in the choice of gear should be given to the float. Better to take a spherical antenna up to 3-4 mm in diameter. When night fishing the white bream in November, the float can be equipped with light. Well tame in places, the bite is so active that only manage to throw a rod. Especially effective catching white bream in November over there «from under the trough.» Her throw slightly upstream and lowered to the bottom. The composition of the mixture can be varied. Every fisherman always has a secret of its preparation. The main condition is to have at least one ingredient that forms a haze. The most common such component are the breadcrumbs. For example, you can use this recipe In a thermos zaparivat corn grits with the addition of vanilla and honey. Before placing in the feeder it is mixed with cake and breadcrumbs. The depth of the tackle put based on the fact that bream is a demersal fish. Consequently, the bait must always be at the bottom. Cuttings are made as soon as the float starts to go in depth, as the bream has a feature to instantly eat the bait. The most productive fishing of the white bream in November, with steep banks or from a boat. The boat is good because it does not limit the angler to choose the place of casting. When all the promising places on the shore are already occupied, you can «get in the hole» and actively fishing silver breams, because the bottom of the pit is its favorite habitat.


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