Catching white bream in may

Bream is fairly widespread in our country. It is possible to catch in may, almost everywhere except the Northern territories. Probably most anglers are familiar with this beautiful fish of the carp family. A it began his career in fishing. This is a schooling fish, silver color, looks very much like the bream. But she has a number of characteristic differences. Its scales are larger than the young of bream, and the fins are rounded, with a reddish tinge. If the forage base in the pond is rich enough, the bream grows to pounds, but such individuals are rare. Mainly in ponds dominated by fish weighing from 100 to 500 grams. Active fishing of silver breams begins in may, immediately after spawning. This fish loves the deep places within, avoiding silted areas. Fish is very cautious, even in the evening not out in the shallows, and adheres to the depths. When choosing locations for future fishing you need to pay attention to this fact. The best place will be the steep Bank of the river close to his hole. Bream likes to stand on the stall, and the largest specimens in the pit. To catch these fish on different tackle. This feeder, the usual Donk, a very promising plug. But the most common option, of course, ordinary poles. This fish is not picky about gear, so will be caught even on rough snap. The main thing you need to put the emphasis, is sounding the depths of fishing. The more information about the state of the bottom, the more precise and correct, it will be possible to determine the area of bait that will certainly provide in the future, good bite and a good catch. Of nozzles bream prefer maggots, worms are also good takes on steamed in a thermos barley. Large specimens are often caught on canned corn. In the spring months the fish can be easily caught on a variety of insect larvae, as they are its natural food. To successfully catch a white bream, it is better to use bait. She likes different bait, made on the basis of grain mixtures. It is desirable to add to them and the animal component, it could be maggots or chopped worms. Works well with a mixture of pea and millet porridge, spiced flavor to cold water. Not be amiss to add to the groundbait a little cereal. Bream fish bottom, so it is important that the bait reached the bottom in the fishing spot, and not drifted over. On this basis, the bait balls need to download the same so they don’t crash at the moment of contact with the surface of the water, and reached the bottom surface and slowly dissolve there. In the presence of strong currents to throw balls of groundbait should be a little above the place of fishing. On the bait fish respond quickly enough. Intensive biting could begin in a few minutes. Bite, as a rule, defiant, determined. Fish greedily swallows the nozzle mouth. But to delay the cutting is not necessary, as bream are often just steal the nozzle from the hook and floats away. Immediately begin to peck at the fish of small size, and only after some time the nozzle ideal big fish. Usually this is accompanied by a remission of biting, or termination. But you should not relax, because at any moment can bite the long-awaited trophy. Catching white bream in may very interesting. She was biting intensely, so even an inexperienced angler can catch quite a lot. Sometimes the catches can be significant — up to 20 kg per day. Therefore, you should always remember about fishing ethics. Part of the fish to take home, but the bulk needs to be let go. Give the fish freedom, and next spring she will certainly please you with a great bite!

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