Catching white bream in June

Among fishermen often meet those who are not very serious about a small-sized silver breams. Its length is about 30 cm and can weigh 500-800 g. But for the true connoisseurs of gambling and memorable fishing its catching – a real explosion of bright emotions. To catch these fish within a year. Bream is a schooling fish, so once it clumps, you can just forget about the rest of nature. Catching white bream in June like a game called «Find the flock». This fish unlike the bream and white bream, not so shy, and so the angler will not have to keep quiet and carefully masked in order to catch it. In this fish combines incredible gullibility and cunning. It is easy to move from nozzles other fish, however, because of their excessive curiosity, sometimes the fisherman catches instead of the usual roach or bream.

Where still to look for the June white bream? This fish prefers waters with sandy-muddy bottom and moderate current. Catching white bream in June is often very effective in steep banks. Very convenient to catch from the boat, because in this case it will not be restricted in choosing a place of fishing. If on the shore the most «fish» places are busy, you will easily be able to «get in the hole» to safely carry the fish, because pits are considered to be the favourite habitats of the white bream.

In June bream, and skimmers, or other trifle, can be easily caught on maggots, ant eggs, bread, barley porridge.But if the bite is poor, then the situation can save well-chosen bait. Their composition may be different (each fisherman as a rule, its secrets), as long as they had a component capable of forming a suspension. Often such components are conventional breadcrumbs. For example, for catching of white bream in June to prepare a bait. In a thermos in the evening brewed corn grits with the addition of a small amount of honey and vanilla. Directly before laying in the trough in such a mess mixed with meal or breadcrumbs. Abandoned in the water the lure often don’t have time to walk to the bottom, as it already sent flocks of white bream. Bite it in this case is always more determined.

The most productive fishing of the white bream in June is considered the morning and evening. As of this afternoon, especially in hot weather, the bite of the white bream is terminated. So fishing it is best to go at the morning and evening dawn. Experienced fishermen know well tame place biting can be so active that only manage to reel in. It will greatly increase the bite of the white bream, when, after prolonged intense heat will be a little torrential rain. Protracted bad weather is unlikely to contribute to successful fishing. This fish, due to the particular demands of the oxygen content takes place underwater sources or tributary inflows.

Good results will bring catching white bream in June for «under the trough.» It is necessary to throw a little upstream and immediately sank to the bottom. The depth of the gear should be set keeping in mind the fact that the bream still bottom fish. This means that the bait in any case should be at the bottom. Hook better to take a small (No. 4-5), and the line is thinner. Cutting is necessary to make as soon as the float starts to go deep, as the white bream have a habit to eat off instantly proposed him the bait.

When fishing of white bream in June on zakidushki or bottom fishing rods most often occurs Slobodskaya fish. But when fishing on the clearomizer and float tackle bream, tend to be more careful. If fishing is ground fishing rod equipped with a sliding sinker, control the bite can be using associated with the line call that is connected to any stuck on the Bank branch. The playing of the cut of the white bream is necessary to carry out slowly. While the fishing line must be kept taut so that the fish could not jump to the side and did not go into the deep, and quietly moved along the water surface.

Caught white bream can be kept in gardens with wire or nylon mesh. In order to preserve their catch, the fishermen often use cages made out of canvas or plain burlap.

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