Catching white bream in December

Bream is a very beautiful fish with a silver body, decorated with reddish ventral fins. Despite the fact that this fish does not reach saleskontron sizes (typically on the hook caught only instances with the weight of 50-300 g), the white bream fishing in December is very exciting. For many fishermen is considered to be a huge success to see on the hook, the scales shimmering this trophy. Holds bream as on the course and water costs. This fish is gregarious, so catch one from the hole, the angler has every chance to catch a few more from the same flock. Most actively biting bream on the first ice. As soon as the ice cover on the reservoir will be more or less strong, you can immediately go fishing. Catching white bream in December most often occurs in the jig with nods from watch springs. Experienced fishermen advise using small silver jigs in the form of pellets or drops, which are baited with maggots or bloodworms. Floor spinners usually last bead of white or black.

Regarding the choice of locations for future fishing, remember that bream does not change its habits. In early winter it can be found in the same places where she was going in the period of open water. This files most often drawn to areas in which there are flows and currents. However, to catch a white bream in winter in such places can be dangerous.

Fishing line to catch the white bream in December shall be not more than 0.12 mm in diameter. A good groundbait can serve as a common steamed porridge with chopped bloodworms. A game a lure must be stepped, that is, with movements up and down like the stairs. Raising the jig at 30-40 cm, it is necessary to make a small pause in 2-3 seconds. Only then she abruptly falls and hits the bottom. And do it all over again. It is noticed that bites mainly occur during such pauses, therefore, anglers in these moments to be extremely careful. A good result will also bring the white bream fishing on mormyshka. Here is perfect light lure with a length of about 30 mm and a width of 5 mm as a nozzle suitable crank or a regular worm.

This fish is very timid. From the white bream fishing in December, you first need to drill 3-5 holes on pooraka distance of 2-3 meters from each other, and only after that to prepare the bait and to set the gear. If within 15 minutes the hole there was not a single bite, you can move on to the next, burying the first bait and snow. Moving around from hole to hole will have until, until you find a pack. In case of prolonged absence of bites is advised to radically change the nozzle or the place of catching (and sometimes both).

Previously it was thought that at the beginning of winter to catch a white bream can only float tackle on a crank. Currently, many fishermen began to select plant tips. For catching of white bream in December, you need to pick up winter rod equipped with a line thickness not exceeding 0.15 mm and a hook №№ 3-5, best with short forearm. Perfect the following snap-ins: by the end of the fishing line attached sinker, and above 10-15 cm is placed on the leash with a hook made of thin fishing line. Sinker in the tackle, if necessary, can be replaced on the jig, because it is also quite likely bite.

Bite of the white bream in December quite cautious and they are expressed in a smooth motion of the float, or in a slow unraveling of the nod. Caught on the fish hook has a strong resistance. Therefore, we should not jump to conclusion. Once again not to provoke suspicious white bream on strong jerks to the side, the hole is advised lightly sprinkled with snow.

For catching of white bream in December are advised to use the bait. This is the perfect small bloodworms. It is noticed that to tame the hole the pack will be back in a few days.

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