Catching vimba

Vimba is one of the delicious valuable fish, especially smoked inhabiting waters of the South-West and West Russia, belongs to the family Cyprinidae. Call this fish still South or Sirte. Vimba is found in lakes and rivers in the middle latitudes of Europe.

Fish is not small, weighing up to 3 kg with height of half a meter. In order to avoid problems with the population of this species, and fishermen have something to amuse themselves, the eggs of vimba incubated at plants on reproduction of fry of this species of fish. In Orel region the fishing of vimba prohibited due to its low density and recording of this species in the Russian Red book.

Vimba fishing is good from spring to autumn on the river Kuban and Azov sea. The don river is also an attractive fishing of vimba. Most of the fish that entered the rivers for spawning, will remain here until the next spawning. Although vimba caught all summer, with great fishing in fall. In the summer season vimba likes to keep a good sun-warmed shallows, where there is a gravelly bottom, it is necessary only to change the weather a little bit colder, vimba instantly responds and goes into depth.

When catching vimba?

Catching vimba, mostly from the boat means «companion» or «ring» with the use of bait, the larvae of flies (maggots), fry or worm. The reasons that fish in the little river produced trophy fish vimba very happy any angler.

In General, lives in the rivers of vimba, vimba is different from what lives in the sea, his thick, as if the timber body, reach fall the weight to 1.5 kg, against marine fish that weighs an average of 500-600 gr.

What would be a good fishing was in the warm period of autumn and summer, she can not compare with fish Putina in the spring. Anyway, what tricks do not go to the fishermen not to miss the spring fishing this beauty. Every hour counts at this time, as vimba is already gone!

Spring nibble of vimba

In April — may, huddled together in huge flocks, vimba, climbing up the mouth of the don river enters the rivers Tuzlov, Susato, Aksai, Kuban and the Seversky Donets river close to the Luhansk TPP. Although the first signs of pre-spawning crystals begin to appear even when ice-fishing, and in March already large shoals of fish of this species forage in areas of future spawning. Fish mostly stays on the current flow, in areas where rocky, gravelly and just a solid bottom. In the whole distance from sea to spawning grounds, fish plentifully fed, catch her at this time, the ground tackle and spinning rods, equipped with a donkey. Apply hooks to the sixth or seventh room, on which nasazhivajut crayfish, larva of the may beetle, in extreme cases, a worm or Motyl. Catches at this time are minor and not everyone dares to sit in the slush in the cold for hours and catch only two or three specimens of this remarkable fish. Another thing the month of April! Vimba greedy for food, although bite not the bait, and selectively, so the fishermen he was preparing the sandwich: two or three bloodworms, and three or four larvae of a fly impaled on the hook of the fourth or fifth number. Donka on these catches are not suitable, but the spinning reel fishing line 0.3-0.4 mm, two leads 15 cm from the sinker under them at the time.

The best fishing of vimba is early morning. But windless, warm, Sunny day in mid-April — a clear sign that they won’t bite, But it is only a little colder, the sun set behind the clouds to go rain or snow, as the vimba begins to rapidly eat.

Good to catch in this weather on a fishing rod with a float, applying fertilizer, and wiring. Line take not less than 0.2 mm, the tackle supply a large float in the shape of a piece of foam or goose feather, heavy cargo needs to scaffold quickly descended to the bottom. Bait is definitely the sandwich. The weak and middle course it is better to catch the wiring on reel-to-reel the bait, with the use of heavy sliding float, and the bait to use bloodworms.

Catching vimba in the spring an easy task, but is very easy to solve: we need knowledge, patience and hard work, which will give the opportunity without any prohibited poaching gear to stock up on not one caught hundreds of vimbas for curing and Smoking. Who does not believe, let’s check!

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