Catching striped predator

Any fisherman familiar with the bass. This fish is found in almost all water bodies of Russia and a lot of fun with their rapid bites.

In the small lakes in winter the perch is unlikely to please a large and a large catch. In such lakes big bass uncommon. From Pervolia to mid-December, the maximum that you can catch is bass — herbalist length not more than a finger. Search for it follows close to the shore in places where the vegetation peeking out from under the ice. At this fishing hole and place around it showered the snow to perch at a shallow depth did not flinch at the movements of a fisherman. In small lakes and reservoirs with a gradual freezing of the plants begin to rot and in early December the oxygen. Bass becomes lethargic and inactive.

On large bodies of water, the bass has more space for movement and obtaining food. Here it will have to run fairly. For the beginning of the examined coastal area. It happens that large bass feed around the remaining Islands of vegetation of almost 40 cm depth.

The station went under water forest is the most faithful Parking lot perch in the early winter. Then a minke whale feeds on various insects living in the bark of trees and on trunks. Here you can catch pike.

To increase the chances of a good catch you need to use echo sounder. When using it, less time is spent drilling holes. Bass catching is better in the daytime. This is usually from sunrise to 11 am and from 3 PM until dark.

Attacking fishing spot you can catch a few perch. But then the predator if it feels that it is hunting or just going away to another place feeding. At this point, need to feed and how to keep perch in one place. As foods like bloodworms mixed in silt or earth. And feeding in the form of frozen briquettes will keep the fish for a long time. The ice gradually melts, spreading the fragrance of the moth. From such a feeding perch will be able to nip off quite a bit, so he would be happy to jump at the bait.

Bass takes almost any bait offered to him. Favorite — Joker. Good takes on thistles, worm, and Chernobyl. When fishing a worm you do not need to stick too large. Them or polovina, or using a worm medium size. Maggots are attracted to a perch not less than bloodworms, especially in the cold season.

There are moments when the bait gets really bad. In this case, as the gain itself will fit the perch. Eyes, a piece of multicolored leather, a plot with a tail or fin will replace the standard bait and continue fishing.

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