Catching roach on the last ice

With the arrival of the first warm spring days when the ice thawed patches appear — aktiviziruyutsya all kinds of fish. They leave their Zimovniki and overlook the smaller parts of the reservoir where oxygen levels are higher warmer. Moreover, in this period alive with small crustaceans is a natural food for most inhabitants of our waters, and the roach is no exception. Large schools of this fish can be found in small streams, in places of confluence of the rivers, at the outputs of karaginan or abundant vegetation. It is here that the fishing will be productive. In the early spring to catch roach on a lure or a fishing-rod. But the first option is more acceptable, as this gear is comfortable to use. Moreover, it is compact enough that allows you to bypass the large number of holes, and it is sometimes just necessary. Another advantage of the jig – you can apply the bait in different form, by variable of the game. The float rod is better to use the well-lured.

The bait is usually used bloodworms, maggot, in rare cases, pieces of fresh worm. But sometimes, during periods when roach just doesn’t «take», the angler can gain and dough. It does not contain any secret recipes – the usual flour and egg and optional vanilla flavoring. Some fans of fishing and add more cotton – «on the hook better behaved» but it is better not to do. Wool has a property to swell in water, and it does not attract fish. Besides the taste of the artificial material can to scare her off.

For catching roach on the last ice use the light rod «balalaika», equipped with a fishing line 0.8-0.1 mm in diameter, but in any case should not put a «spider web». On the tackle set baits like «pellet» or «drop». They should not Shine, you should give preference to yellow, white, or dark metallic tones.

Time depends on various weather factors. In cloudy weather and active biting roach begins after 10 a.m. and lasts until dark. But most bites are rare and very fragile fish from the active state goes into passive, and Vice versa. On warm Sunny days, fishing out immediately after sunrise. In this weather roach eagerly takes the bait, and eats all day, so the angler will not have time to get bored.

And finally, one trick that will allow, at least, to save time drilling the holes need in the evening before fishing, it is desirable at this time to overfeed them bloodworms, because in the morning the noise of the ax for a long time may deter the fish from egg. The night is still cold, but not so much that the holes froze. But still, if there is doubt, it is possible to cover their small plates and sprinkle with snow.

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