Catching roach on the feeder

Roach is a very interesting and quick fish and catch it to turn. We need to know the location and habits of fish, and most importantly, you need to select a bait that will be able to stir up the pale beauty. When fishing for roaches is used a lot of tricks and gimmicks. To catch a roach on a fishing rod is not difficult, but the feeder is a science.

Feeder fishing is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. It is interesting that fishing is conducted from the bottom layer and every single bite captures a flexible, sensitive tip of the rod. The working tool must be sensitive and long-range order, and needed fast. To easily draw out not only a trifle, but also large specimens.

Feeder. Feeders need different weights and sizes, the main task of such a device will be transferred to the bottom layer and to thereby attract fish, not just the one that concentrates in the area of fishing, but the fish that is in the far distance. Usually for catching roach used the sliding option of the trough, which allows excellent control of the tackle, and feel every touch to the transaction.

Nozzle for catching roach on the feeder

Roaches are not picky fish, but likes a certain type attachments, such as red maggot, he not only attracts the attention of roach with a different color and smell, but the constant swarming in the water column. Roach, being interested by an object, certainly it is attacking, thus happen to bite. Depending on the season the advantages of the roach change. Summer Belle bad caught on a grasshopper maggots and bloodworms. In winter the roach prefers only bloodworms, but can react to barley, this must be considered when leaving on a particular fishing trip. Well manifests itself, the larva of the caddis. Caddis roach is especially fond of. This lure has a specific effect on appetite roaches and is able to help out in the bad fishing days.

Places for catching roach

At the bottom of roach concentrates in different ways, which prefers to be in the grass and there to escape from the teeth of predators, but somewhere on the contrary runs around the pond and catches from the water surface midges and mosquitoes. The best place for catching roach on the feeder has a flat sandy bottom, there’s a roach feels best. On the river roach kept the snags and whirlpools with running water. In the daytime the Belle rises from deeper areas on the surface, and in the evening again occupies the former place of residence.

Bait for catching roach on the feeder

The bait particular attention. Roach likes bright colors causing the bait mixtures. Do not be afraid to buy red and green bait, on the contrary it will only aggravate the biting fish, and you’ll get great pleasure from fishing. Bait required is not very dense, this attitude is justified as the moment when the feeder falls to the bottom part of the bait needs to get out of it, and the other half to stay.

In conclusion I want to say, do not sit in the place of fishing is a special science, which hurriedly embrace the fail. If you aim to catch certain fish, you need to put a lot of effort on her collar. No tail, no scales!

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