Catching roach on the bottom gear in the spring

Catching roach on the bottom gear in the spring is most effective during the flowering period water. This period is characterized by oxygen starvation of the fish that tries to go deep, allowing you to catch the roach in the spring like other fish with donok or poligonos.

The weight of the roaches is defined by the pond fishing. There are lakes and rivers where it is almost impossible to find a large roach. But mostly in the reservoirs of Central Russia, the weight of the roach is often more than three hundred grams.

When fishing for roach in the spring for the fisherman important to be able to find the location of the roach in the pond. Large roaches usually gather in small flocks and trying to stay hidden. In such conditions it is very difficult to catch roach float rod. A more effective way of catching roach in the spring is fishing on the Donk.

Large roach often prefer to be located on river reaches with stony clay bottom and a minor amount of silt. And besides, roach is often hiding in the pits that are on slow or average for a close to the flanks. In summer the roach of small and medium sizes it feeds on insects, worms, algae, and larger roach in addition to such a meal good nutrition is the Zebra mussel. Sometimes the roach attacks the fry.

Normal poludenko for fishing for roach in spring can make any angler on your own. When fishing for roach on poludenko you need to consider that more than a thin rope increases the chances of successful fishing. For such fishing, anglers usually use a rod length of five to seven meters, which can be made of fiberglass or carbon fiber.

After the opening of the river there comes a time for more intensive feeding roach. It was during this period fishing for roach can be effective close to shore. But with such catching small fry, you must consider particularly careful handling roaches in the spring. After the fisherman caught only one roach the whole flight usually departs. And to keep the timid flock, you can use metered-dose baits.

When fishing for roach in spring experienced fishermen use as bait, the larvae of mayflies — «grandmother», the crustacean amphipod and a dragonfly larva, who live permanently in the reservoir is a common food for fish. The fishermen usually get the clay soil from the bottom of the dustpan on a long stick and collect mayfly or looking for crayfish under stones in the water. And the larvae of dragonflies can be found in the roots and stems of algae.

When spring fishing for roach, some fishers to improve fish large fish use for the nozzle in two larvae or crustaceans. You can also use the most common nozzle is a bunch of small worms podlistnikov or maggots, a bunch of bloodworm. As a rule, when the spring fishing roach fish can manifest itself immediately after casting with fishing tackle. Roach usually makes a very greedy bite. The willingness of the Fisher to self-cutting is essential to the success of fishing for small fry in the spring.

Fishing for roach in springusually gives a good result. But catching roach on poludenko with no less success can be in the summer. Fishing for roach using prudence has the advantage, reflected in the simultaneous use of two or three tackles in the presence of fast currents on the fishing spot. When fishing like this well-head is held in one place by heavy weights. And, for example, when fishing for roach regular bait the nozzle in such conditions all the time reset.

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