Catching river roach on the feeder

In this article, as you know, will go fishing for roach using feeder tackle.

Fishing for roach usually occurs on the river in places with slow current and shallow depths by the presence of various edges and irregularities of the bottom. In such places, and you can count on a successful catching roach.

For fishing in these conditions you do not need heavy loads and powerful forms of fishing rods. For a comfortable and effective fishing enough length of the rod is 2.5-2.7 m. and a thin braided cord from 0.14 mm to 0.16 mm. The use of a shock leader is not required, since there are feeders with light weight – 20 to 60 gr., which do not pose a threat to tear a gear.

As leashes need to use the line from 0.08 mm to 0.14 mm, length from 20 cm to 50 cm Hooks is better to use small size with the short forend. According to the European grading will fit size 6-8.

As head of roach fit maggot, red manure worms, bloodworms, and pasta. Moreover, the inserts can be combined with each other or use separately. The main attention should be paid to the bait. Can be used as a homemade bait (for example wheat) and purchased from a fishing shop. To the millet, you can add cake, cereals of different kinds of flavors – will not be superfluous.

The main condition for the bait to it with sufficient adhesiveness was able to friability. That is, when rolling the ball of bait, it needs slight movement of your fingers to completely crumble. It is necessary to create a uniform feed table for roach and, accordingly, hold her to the place of fishing.

The optimal fishing time for the roach is considered to be early morning and sunset time. Just before fishing, it is recommended to throw a few balls of bait in the fishery if the distance is close enough, or using a special for bait feeder at long range. Bait must be submitted to the buoys constantly in order to keep the roach on the food table. Good also caught roach and at night in the summer. Specific differences in the design of the gear, the nozzle and bait from a day of fishing there. The only thing that night you need to lengthen the leashes up to 1 m, because at night roaches are more cautious than the day of her arrest become more interesting.

If you follow these simple guidelines, the success of the fishing of the roach you are guaranteed.

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