Catching pike on live bait

Pike is a predator that lives in our rivers and lakes. Pike is familiar to almost everyone – a characteristic elongated dull-green body and flat toothy maw will be remembered with pictures children’s books. The pike is of particular interest, because to catch this underwater predator is not so easy. Nowadays pike caught on spinning, casting or trolling lure, which she lacks. But our grandfathers were catching pike on live bait – the only way to feel the power of wild fish during the grasp. For catching of a pike on live bait you need tackle, which meets the specific requirements. First of all, the rod needs to be strong enough to withstand enough pounds to fracture. Fishing line – preferably nylon, thicker, don’t be afraid — pike wouldn’t scare off a thick fishing line. Float larger size, its main task is to keep the bait at a predetermined depth. The hook is also large in size, have to cling on a steel leash – teeth of the predator is able to cut any fishing line.

The live bait. I think all fishermen will agree on the opinion that a small Karasik – an ideal bait for pike. Tenacious, unpretentious, active is what you need. Karasik is always possible to catch in any swamp or lake and they will be a few days to stay alive in the bucket, this is the main plus. But if there is no carp – do not despair! Pike loves a gudgeon, and roaches there, it is not strange, ruffs. These fish are found in almost any pond, for survivability, of course, inferior to the carp, but still suitable for bait. Live bait on the hook, it is desirable to cling through the mouth, releasing a stinger hook in the nose longer so it will stay alive, and another plus – pike begins to swallow prey from the head, therefore, the percentage of retirements will be much less.

The place of fishing it is necessary to choose in advance. Perfect for a small, but deep pools, grass areas of the pond with the snags on the bottom. Pike is usually kept near the bottom, though, and may attack the victim floating on the water surface. The depth should be set so that the stalk was 15-20 centimeters from the bottom. Usually, if a pike is hungry, she immediately attacks the bait, but a situation may arise when you need to «lure» the predator out of the woodwork.

How pecks pike? You will be unusual to watch the float, when the pike will begin to bite. Probably all used to – if the float is sunk, you should strike. In any case do not do so with the pike! You 100 cases 100 just simply pull out the prey from the jaws of the astonished predator. And though there were cases when the pike after «arrogance» again have enough live bait, it is advisable to still do the right thing. Vigorously drowned float means that pike grabbed the bait across the trunk and pulled to the bottom. Waits for a few seconds, usually from 7 to 10. Go on a few jerks too wait, these manipulations mean that the shaft is turned in the jaws, head first, to swallow. And only when float under water go confidently in the direction of 20-30 centimeters. need to reel it in. Energetic movement! Too smooth motion can cause the pike, feeling the tension, will spit the bait. Powerful cutting you will cut through a hook in the jaws of the predator, and she’s not going anywhere.

Fish fish to carry out simple, confident pull over and hold the line all the time vnatyag. This is the most beautiful moment, when adrenaline is released into the bloodstream and heart pounding desperately. Powerful fish will not give so easy to pull himself out of the water, it will jump to hit the tail on the water to abruptly change their direction of movement. Most importantly, bring all to end, don’t be afraid of losing the prey.

A successful fishing pike.

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