Catching of predatory fish

Fishing of predatory fish is very exciting and really athletic. After the predator becomes deceived and transformed from a hunter to a direct victim on the hook. To catch a spinning, it is important to consider many factors that affect success. These are color, shape, size of bait, depth and speed of transaction, distance from shore, time of year, weather condition and much more. For direct fishing of us need the rod. There are many kinds of spinning rods, they are divided into light, medium and heavy. In choosing a rod you should consider what weight the bait we throw. Correctly matched rod will not only continue to throw the spoon, but your shots are much more accurate. Choice bezynertsionnoj coil is also very important, although the century «Neva» reels for a long time in the past, but as they say, who did not catch them he is not a fisherman. Compared to Neva, any businessonce seem good. But should pay attention to the number of bearings, particularly the presence of the bearing roller, also have instant brake, it is good to examine the spool to a smooth, to hear the mechanism in the absence of noise.

Many anglers use monofilament fishing line, but it already displaces the cord. The cord has a number of advantages. First, he has a breaking load of more, it’s sensitive to the bites, does not stretch and has no memory. But the only real disadvantage is the price which is obviously more expensive line. Everyone chooses priorities for yourself, but the person who regularly catches fish, is already on the cord. In catching the predator must use a leash, it must also be of good quality, preferably of elastic material.

Lures for spinning a lot of rotating, oscillating spinners, crankbaits, poppers, twisters, silicone fish, and others. When choosing bait should also take into account factors such as depth, presence of snags on the bottom, densely growing algae, the length of the cast and others.

Universal spinners not there each category. Spinners are perfect for fishing in summer in the upper layers of water. They bite any predator, you just have to pick the right size. Spoons is the oldest spinners, before they made of aluminum spoons, they work well in the fall for pike. Silicone well established in the lower and middle layers of water, where there is no algae on the bottom. They have low price and many different colors, but intensive fishing, are easily damaged. Crankbaits can also be good to use for catching of any predator, but the main drawback is the price, which is 5-10 times higher than other listed above. So if you are a beginner spinningist from plugs first, should be abandoned because of bad throws, hooks, breaks, will continue. So start with the fans, kalabalak, silicone lures and fishing happiness you will smile.

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