Catching of predatory fish in the winter

The beginning of winter – a special time for ice fishing enthusiasts. It is the period of ice formation until you hit the first snow, is regarded by the fishermen the best time for fishing. Also during this period, well you can fish and predatory fish. The best bait for catching almost any predator at this time of the year will be bright, visible from afar bait. The game lures should be active, sharp. Passive, barely noticeable twitch of the lure will be important in mid-winter when the ice is thick and fish activity decreases. In addition to artificial lures well into the period of freezing-up is caught, and zhivtsovy tackle, such as imitation fish.

In good weather, with the active biting when fishing for a dozen zherlits you don’t even have time to react to a biting fish and to promptly remove the catch. For this kind of plan is best suited gudgeon, bleak, small roach and Rudd. Somewhat worse being caught small crucian, a perch.

When fishing with artificial bait is not worth it to stay in one place for very long, you have to actively move around water, look for an active predator. Thus it is necessary to observe some caution and silence, especially, thin ice and at a slight depth under the ice. At strong noise, the predator will almost certainly move to places with greater depth. It is not necessary to throw on the ice ice pick or larabar, loud music, screaming neighbors, fishing and generally loud noises.

In addition to these recommendations also should take care of replacing the fishing line or cord to a more durable, compared to the summer version, since the fishing line when fishing in winter can withstand high mechanical loads, in comparison with summer fishing. The friction of the edge of the hole, on the sharp edge of ice from freezing to the edge of the hole affect the strength and durability of the line, increase the probability of breakage during catching big fish. The best option for strengthening the fishing line is the use of a braided cord. It is the cord has a high characteristics of mechanical strength, less lose tensile strength as a result of the cold.

In the inventory list for catching of predatory fish in the winter you need to add a hook. This is especially true when fishing for fish with the abundant mucus, e.g., burbot. To snatch out of the narrow pit of slippery burbot on a good frost – occupation is very not easy. Without the help of biorica not do nothing. Will also help the hook when catching large prey, so you don’t have one hand to hold the fishing rod with a catch on the end of the line, and the second hand to take in the hole and try to grab the fish. In addition to the General inconvenience of such kind of retrieval of the catch from the water, and after this is a wet sleeve that quickly will break, what to do on the ice, at a distance of couple of kilometers from the shore is not very easy due to the lack of available in location of firewood and other combustible materials.

When fishing from the ice, especially when just started and not yet thick and fragile not forget about the safety rules of conduct on the ice. You big catches!

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