Catching of predatory fish in deep winter

Here come the deep winter’s… Frosts, snowfalls and strong wind gusts. All the rivers and lakes, reservoirs and ponds are bound with ice crusts. Fish barely seeks individual gram of air. Especially difficult it is in the reservoir without flow of water. There is at least some movement is only in the fairways, and that if long came the thaw.

But the whiskered fish swims to spawn, and then come to feast, grabbing right and left retarded because of cold water extraction. Well, he finished his duty to the coming generations, and very eager to prowl in the deep pits.

And here is the bass appeared. Frost it is only a plus. Somewhere nearby, swim Berchem and pike perches, moreover and toothy pike no, no, Yes and rush in for the kill. However, this lady goes hunting from time to time, in obedience to weather conditions.

Of course, winter takes its toll. Even the most fervent carnivores do not show as much excitement as usual. Too intense allure will give more negative result. Bright and highly play spinners working relatively well in moments of steady thaw. However, the fishermen are so eager to catch the prey in any weather. And help even in the most fierce wind and bitter cold with evil Blizzard can bottom gear.

Baubles for the bottom layers of water do not float in its layers and does not falter. Bottom spinner lifts the veil of murky sludge, effecting aquatic insects and crustaceans. The time gap from the bottom is very weak, almost imperceptible. All the movements are monotonous, sluggish and have low amplitude.

This swarming will be nice with a little spoon for no longer than five centimeters, which is provided with a hook to the tail. Different beads, end sleeves and other things which produce sound waves that make the predator’s eyes flash evil for the imaginary production of light.

Externally, these lures resemble the wings of modern aircraft. It and is clear: the movement in gases and liquids are subject to similar physical laws. Flat particles spinners are made from nonferrous metals, sometimes even of silver or gold.

Spinning should pull up short. Sharply, but briefly, ten centimeters is the absolute limit. When the spoon will stand up in a horizontal position and will return to its original position, it is necessary to wait at least seven seconds, and sometimes more. Remember, in this period most often occurs throw fish. So, haste at this moment, the desire to pull the line as often as possible, is absolutely inappropriate.

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