Catching moulting, which should be water, prevajanje fish.

Fishing link, which should be water, prevajanje fish.

The pond must be clean and deep enough, there is Lin less than half a kilo. Then enjoy prikazivanje, which purpose be interested in the big fish.

To your foods first rush of small fish, and only later will visit the individuals more. And only then will come the shedding more than a pound, which pushed the trash. So it will be the case with the carp, crucian, bream. Bait you can use cottage cheese, which is not indifferent laziness. It is a fact, proven by time and experience of fishermen.

In the first stage of prepaymania ejected a large portion of about one kilogram. Within a week the serving size is gradually reduced. But before fishing in the course is half of the initial portion, about a pound and a half. This is a very rough dosage, but still should be observed.

And regarding the fishing. Here again we can use the well-known processed cheese instead of the worm, placing it as the nozzle. For this purpose it is quite suitable cheese «Druzhba». Experience and observation show that takes on this kind of nozzle to happen a little faster, and in most cases the float is still slightly off to the side, rarely plunging into the water. And yet the fish much promptly swallowed the bait.

Some anglers choose worms for bait, I believe that in this way you can catch a bigger fish. But this does not apply to Lin. The less laziness, the more he developed an appetite for worms. And if you bet on the worm, then get the catch of small fish which are unlikely to appreciate your ambitions earner.

The larger the line, the more it respects the diversity of not only worms, but also cottage cheese, cottage cheese and breadcrumbs. The main bait the fish and not to miss the moment of truth. After some time, the bait of shedding the required weight will not be afraid to take the nozzle, which will affect a good catch, consisting of a dozen or two great lines. This does not mean that you will be spared from surprises or utter failures, but you need to be patient and to know that all these setbacks are temporary, and very soon the bite will resume.

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