Catching minnows in the winter

Anglers who prefer to catch a predator live bait any other kind of fishing, of course you know what a minnow is the most versatile baitfish.

He’s like pike and walleye, burbot and other predators. Summer special problems with its production there, but in the middle of winter to catch minnows is not so easy. In winter, the fish actually live in the same areas as in the summer, on the sandy stretches with smooth depth and a smooth swing. But in the big river swarms of minnows very difficult to detect, and another thing is a small river and created artificial ponds. With the first ice catch minnows in small depths and sandy shoals. Minnow fish is not large, so tackle it is necessary to prepare thin, the thinner the better, even if the depth of fishing exceeds more than 4 meters. The best result is the use of a jig weighing two-tenths of a gram and fishing line section 6-7 hundredths of a millimeter. The hook of the jig should be small and thin, on this hook bloodworm long remains alive and does not lose attractiveness for the minnow. Because the minnow – only bottom fish, in this case, and his art of fishing in no way stands a huge diversity. When applying tackle with a leash it is necessary from time to time to slowly lift the bottom and to the same extent slowly immerse ago. This simple event, gives the result of the dying or floats near the feed, often causes the grip on the fish. Kind of biting the minnow on course depends largely on the vitality of the fish under the ice and stands out a huge variety. If the pointer feel free to click down the empty holds almost never.

Long, soft a pointer will fix even a very careful bite, the strongest bite is when the pointer presses down confidently, in such cases, empty sweeps are rare, if the bite is bad, overloaded vehicle or a minnow just overfed the fisherman’s bite turns into erovie shaking or platinia touch the bait, in this case, you need to limit to reduce the weight of equipment and change the passive feeling of biting in the game. The techniques the tackle is quite simple, depending on fishing activity, there are several of these: passive, when the rod is motionless to treat over the hole and jig with the crank almost touches the bottom, measured rocking of the jig at the bottom is one of the active methods. The second method, a slow rise with measured oscillations and stops.

The bait when fishing without current can be used as animal(bloodworms),and vegetable mixture, important not to overdo it, feed from top ,right in the hole.

In order for the handle is preserved to fishing, minnow impossible in any case to keep in the same tank with a ruff or perch. In the neighborhood with stitching and striped he will quickly fall asleep.

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