Catching golola in may on a June bug

Chub inhabiting different rivers of our country, but fishing for Chub is very difficult, as it is a very timid fish. The Chub belongs to the carp family and grows not nearly to the smaller size of his relative. How to catch a fish? Where to look for it in may? Because the river is very large and if you do not know the places where fish may pass very many lives of the river and bite golola never see. If you are going to the river in search of golola, you need to take with you spinning a 2.7-3.5 m retractable and caught in advance of the may beetles or grasshoppers. Comparing the number of bites we noticed that grasshopper Chub takes is much more likely than a June bug, but better to have both. Out on the river, notice the area for landmarks such as large trees hanging over the water the bushes, pitfalls, vegetation.

And now I tell you in order, the fact that the Chub are very shy fish and its fishing especially on small rivers is silently not to scare away good fish. If you see a tree that hung over the water, most likely standing there waiting for prey a couple of or even more hungry Golovlyov, they are waiting for when the tree will fall once the may beetle that would eat them. Also hiding in the shadows of the bushes which lay on the water and grasses he was waiting by floating bugs, dragonflies, grasshoppers and other insects. Special attention should be paid to places where there are pitfalls in the shallows of the water, even if the depth of these places not more than twenty inches, in places seen the greatest concentration of fish. Fishing note of the space required to conduct a long-distance taking the bait along the river and stop near a particular location. The rules of mounting the bait in principle, no, all fishermen do it differently the main thing that the beetle, or the dragonfly were alive ! Fish responds to the vibration the water which gives the beetle floats with their paws, and can not keep not attack. Bite Chub accompanied by a very strong blow, try to pause for 1-2 seconds to enable the fish to swallow the bait, hook and then not being afraid to break up fish lips, because the lips of this fish is thick and durable. The fish is very difficult because the Chub fish often swims against the tide, and stands for having a good power in General will have to fight.

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