Catching fish

A quiet summer morning, when only just beginning to creep of the fog. Sleeping birds and insects. Suddenly, almost under the shore begins to boil the water, scattering in all directions spatter. This fry, which quickly jumps beautiful fish with a silver tint. A distinctive feature of the fish – sharp, splayed fins. When loud noise the fish falls back into the river, he is kicking tail in the water. At this time, from her pop up small fish, frightened by the presence of ASP. Different ASP calls a «water horse», that’s what he to hunt for fry. Stunning fish, he quickly eats it. ASP is a swift and agile predator with an elongated body. Another difference from the other inhabitants of the underwater Kingdom lies in the fact that this fish has silver scales, along with the red fins and a narrow mouth. These characteristics allow it to distinguish the fish from other fish. With regard to medium in size, Chub can reach lengths up to half a meter and weigh up to 3 kg. If to take into account the great river, you can catch the instance to 12 kg.


As Chub prefer active water, often it is kept in fast-flowing rivers. «Water horse» to hunt in the fast currents. Prefers to stick to the upper layers of the water. It can also be found on the falls, the rapids. Because fish breeze at night accumulates near the shore, ASP can come in the morning to this place. Warm shallow water is a favorite destination ASP, because here for just a Sunny day gonna fry. Quite often can be found hunting fish in groups.

Spawning occurs in mid-spring, and then needs a quiet month to Chub came to myself and calmed down. Because during the spring it is starving, throughout the summer, it actively feeds even earlier time of day. Chub minnows are eating as much as possible. If he lacks the fry, he can easily switch to eating bugs, larvae, insects. Also in the diet of the fish includes a variety of frogs and mice, which are constantly sailing across the river.

Fishing methods

Catching fish is not given to everyone. This fish, therefore, requires caution and high skills. In Russia mostly the fish can be caught on fly fishing or spinning. Also caught good trophies on float tackle. As bait on spinning you can use the Wobbler rotating jig head. Nahlystovymi is most often used fresh flies or poppers. If you are using float tackle, as a nozzle it is better to use minnows. The presence of fish in a particular depth can be determined by the bursts: if no splash of fish, you should look for the fish in its unusual habitat – in the depths. Because in the autumn the fish to feed in the middle depths is to use trolling.

When catching

It is best to catch the fish in the late spring. It was then that after spawning the fish begin active feeding period. Once the water begins to grow cold, it immediately goes down. After that, it hibernates in deep holes. ASP can be better to catch in the afternoon and before dawn.

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