Catching fish in October

ASP – predator, leading a solitary lifestyle. To catch it is quite difficult, because this fish differs extraordinary caution and suspicion. Therefore, the angler will need not only maximum camouflage, but the ability to make the right long casts.

Catching fish in October, usually on sand spits, descending into the water. The bulk of fish at this time is located in the slopes of KOs, as well as in areas of underwater slopes or shoals, the depth of which gradually increases. In shallow water flocks live minnows, bleak and other small fish – the main food of the autumn chubs. To approach too close to the place of fishing is not advised, the casting should preferably take place at a minimum distance of 80 meters. Catching this fish, mostly due to a surge. Immediately after a burst, you should throw the bait in the right place.

Very important in catching fish in October is the choice of lures. At this time it can be quite successful fishing: bleak, minnow, and worm. No less, benefit from fishing artificial lures. If we talk about color choice, it is better to use shiny and bright lures. Not be amiss to stock up a couple of dimly and brightly polished baits. Seasoned fishermen noticed that periodically changing lures, it’s easy to succeed.

October is considered the best month (after April) to catch a great big trophy fish. This fish feeds on small fish 5 times a day for 20 minutes, and at dawn the whole 30-40 minutes. At this time the most active hunting it is best to catch the fish. Best bite this fish with the sunrise and the hours before 10 am. During the rest of the day biting is already more sluggish. Active fishing resumes in the late afternoon and continues until the event itself.

For asping in October using such bait as kastmaster, Devonian, and wobblers. Kastmaster is characterized in that it perfectly imitates fry – the main feed of a predator. The weight of the bait should be 14-27 oz., however, the optimal weight is chosen depending on the strength of the flow and depth of fishing. Allowance are specialized baits for catching the fish in October, because they combine all the advantages of the rotating and vibrating lures: light entering the upper layer of water, superfine casting distance, etc. If you can not catch big fish on any lure, Wobbler is just what you need. Best to start with floating models. As for color, it is better to give preference to natural blue and silvery grey tones. During fusion bait with the tide can pretty well to sh the most promising places and most remote locations. For catching ASP, you can use the sinking lure, which is convenient to scour the deep-water rapids, streams and whirlpools. Diving crankbaits are very effective for trolling.

Now a few words about the peculiarities of fishing. It is believed that the most successful asping in October, it is necessary that the surface of the water ripples, as this fish is a beautiful sight, and it is better if the wave is to hide the silhouette of the fisherman. And when fishing from the shore should try to disguise to fit in the eyes of the ASP environment.

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