Catching fish in may

Very often, after the Jora spawning fish, spawn, goes to the bottom, and fishermen often wonder, which of the predators to leave to go home with any decent catch. In this article we will tell you about the ASP one of the most typical predators of Central Russia, and the peculiarities of his fishing in may.

ASP – who is it? ASP is big fish, which grows to 10 kg weight, but usually a fisherman pulls a relatively small adolescents weighing up to 500 g. this is Due to the fact that, even though the ASP and ruthless hunter, but he’s incredibly careful. ASP spawning usually begins in the beginning of may and lasts approximately two and a half weeks. Feeding period pre-spawning and spawning at the fish very closely related to the temperature of the water in the pond. For example, just North of Moscow, the spawning begins in mid-may, a little further South – in the last decade of April.

How to catch? Where to catch?

The main feature associated with the ASP is, as already noted, his incredible care. In ASP good hearing and amazing eyesight. From afar they hear the approaching boats, as well as from afar I see the fishermen on the shore – therefore perfect for catching of a fish is considered to be the windy weather, when the water has some ripple. It is because of the excessive caution of fish prefer to catch a spinning from the shore. Incidentally, normally, the ASP never pursues under water its prey, it spurts always very strong, directed slightly to the side. Fishermen often use it as a fish, we can say, she gets on a hook even more.

ASP, like any predator chooses places with a strong current, preferably sandy. Incredibly loves the flooded bushes where they could easily watch for prey in ambush.

A characteristic feature in the behavior of the fish in the may period is that the fish at this time, can let the fisherman to a distance of only 3 – 4 m. interestingly, in the first place to spawn are large, and therefore for the avid fisherman, you can not miss the start of spawning, in that case, you can get a decent fish in the 5 kg weight. Posledeistvie feeding period lasts about a week.

The choice of gear.

As diet fish small fish and insects fallen in water, then usually catch this predator spinning. However, in the days when ASP is really possible to come out with a serious tackle fishing with spinning is usually prohibited. And therefore catch the fish in different ways: fly and boat, and even on live bait, let him go away.

By the way, when sport fishing for ASP there are two ways of fishing: in the main car parks and on the water. Catching the fish on the main sites is fairly commonplace and is no different from catching other predators, but catching fish in may on a surge quite original. Since each ASP is a very interesting way of eating (crashes into a school of fish makes a sharp turn and suppresses its tail may way weight after spawning), the fisherman must carefully observe the pond where you caught Chub. After hearing a distinctive splash of water, you should try to determine which way went the predator and throw a line there, a little to the side, about five meters.

Choice of bait.

During poslenebesnogo Jora ASP absolutely omnivorous: some anglers say that at this time the ASP is actively taking on the moth, the worm, and even on the foam fish as bait. By the way, this is not fishing stories, because there are cases when ASP took all on an empty hook.

And during the spawning Jora and after that you can select and quite exotic spinners as bait. For example, the case when on normal telescopic rod was caught Chub weighing more than 2 kg, and, interestingly, as bait was used hopeless spinner type «Spoon».

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