Catching fish in July

ASP is a very powerful predator and the largest member of the carp family. It is considered the fastest fish, as it develops speed in water of up to 70 km/h. During the arrest, he does any sudden movements on the hook, and pulls hard gear down. From the fishermen he called «Korsar river rapids». Requires a lot of effort for his arrest. So in preparation for catching fish in July, you must consider all the details.

Fishing equipment.

For asping in July recommend the use of long-range, large rod in a minimum length of 3 meters. The coil needs to be instantaneous, with the spool about 50 mm. the Most important and responsible is to wind the fishing line around the spool, to throw a tackle as far as possible. Despite the fact that sarasper no teeth, line you should choose the most robust.

Most reliable lure for catching fish in July is kastmaster. Due to the heavy weight it is very easy to throw far. You can use bait Devon. It is also heavy enough that allows you to throw far. ASP can be caught on the bombard. This is a very useful decoy, which is a large float which you can easily throw in the far distance, and the gear will move on the surface of the water. You must also have complete secondary bait such as a fly, decoy, streamer. They are all attached in front of the main lure about two feet from her. There are several types of lures that can be used for catching the fish in July, but listed above are probably the most effective. The more fishing will change the bait, offering a wide range of ASP, the more chances to catch good copy.

When catching fish in the boat, should take care of a good disguise. As Chub are very shy fish, it will be afraid of bright colors, clothing and sail from approaching boats at a distance up to 100 m.

The choice of the place of fishing.

In July, the Chub prefers swift current, clear water and shallow water, where there are forage fish. The fast decay of water and exit of fry makes the fish gather in large schools. This period lasts long, only about two weeks, then the fish goes on a solitary hunt. Many chances to catch a Chub in areas with rapid current. Rifts, as well as separate standing stones, around which is formed a vortex, those famous places that you should pay special attention. In large ponds the fisherman to find the right place for catching the fish in July helps modern equipment: fish finders, GPS navigation.

You also need to consider the weather conditions. ASP feels the weather and strongly react to it. Only the weather begins to change and the fish may refuse any bait offered to him by the fisherman. If the weather keeps at least two days, you can safely go fishing.

Types July asping.

Sarasper you can catch in shallow water. He comes there to eat the fry after spawning. For this kind of fishing need to use spinners-turntables, and the wiring should be carried out on the surface of the water. It is better to use kastmaster, or choose a heavier spinner.

In July, it is good to catch fish on spinning in the boilers. This catch is called the fight of the fish. Before to eat the fry, Chub beats him. Until the end of July the ASP becomes more cautious and the number of battle is reduced, making it difficult to catch him. If such fishing takes place on large rivers, you should keep your distance from the boiler, because the fish away. 80-100 m is the perfect distance for a fishing trip. Bait is better to throw on the edge, not the center. The wiring can be done on the water surface and bottom, as large specimens will grab the bait that is on the bottom. This will make your fishing more successful and memorable!

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