Catching fish in December

Winter-not a reason to take a break in your favorite business. Especially if it is fishing. Winter fishing has its own inexplicable attraction for many anglers. But if we are talking about such a production as the ASP, he is unlikely to leave any indifferent fisherman. ASP — a fish that is difficult to confuse with any other. It is a predator of the carp family It clearly distinguishes dark grey back, covered with small scales, a jaw that sticks forward, gray dorsal and caudal fins, the remaining fins red, the jaw that sticks forward,

ASP is not found in standing water. His main place of residence — the Straits, the mouth of the streams. ASP is often not kept with the pack. However, near the rapids, as well as a little downstream from the dam Chub gets off in flocks.

Main diet is insects and small fish. This type of fish has no teeth, so he hunts original: stunning prey with tail or grasping entirely. The untrained ear it be hard to believe that this sound produces fish. More like the impact of cobblestone on the water.

ASP behaves very carefully. And in the summer it is not easy to catch, in winter, all to capture him a rarity. In December, the fish are rarely caught on purpose. Since the winter the fish are poorly studied, bringing him down with ice rather random. Most often it happens when fishing for walleye jigging Very often, the fascination of the ASP took place in the so-called Svalov, where the depth increases sharply, ending with a pit.

In connection with global warming in December in temperate latitudes are not always water, especially the river freezes ice. Therefore, in open water free from ice, sometimes you catch a fish on a spinning. Winter fishing with spinning is gaining popularity, and among the trophies caught and Chub. When fishing for ASP in December no additional baits do not normally use. Look for him to be in the same place and in the summer, because with the onset of winter, the ASP does not change its habits, still catches fish against the tide, especially in the winter unwary Chub rarely slipping into wintering holes than stands out from the other fish of the carp family.

ASP behaves particularly active in the morning. In the evening and night bites occurs. Sometimes this type of carp can be caught on live bait. Chub, like perch, prefers to fish similar to a bleak: a small, white and narrow. It most often caught or bilateral white lures.

Ice often use a large homemade jig. It is easy to make at home. The lure has the appearance of a lead cone or half-cone. Usually made bilateral, bimetallic. Hook the tenth or twelfth room is soldered to the narrow end of the lure. Sometimes to mask the sting, you can use a bait impaled on the hook.

There are several proven methods of ice fishing of fish. For example, the baubles play at the bottom, rising from the bottom mud. Turbid water can attract predators.

Compared to summer, winter Chub behaves inactive. This allows you to catch even very large specimens are not very significant on the characteristics of the tackle. But even then, the ASP behaves insistently perch. He is able to make a breakthrough against the current, which can even break the rod of the hapless fisherman. Before that, Chub rises to the hole, and then sharply drops down, breaking tackle angler, not prepared for such a maneuver. Therefore, the detention of ASP, especially in December, a sign of the highest professionalism and ulybnulsya luck. But if you get lucky, and caught a big Chub, no harm will be bagorik.

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